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Hi all. I hope you are well. I haven't posted on here for ages. But seemed to be losing the plot "googling". So i had my 2nd ivf fail in august and we went to see our consultant last week. I'm 32 and she seems to think i have "old" eggs and there nothing they can do and we just have to keep trying...!which is really hard to hear as you can imagine. Speaking to a women who i have reflexology with and looking at a few things on line it suggests that i can help assist my eggs by taking more nutrients/vitamins. I was wondering if anyone is or has been in a simpler situation. The clinic suggest i try iui for a couple of round (3-4) and then move back to ivf. but the success rate is only 12% for me with IUI. Anyway, as you can see i'm a little overwhelmed. So any advice would be useful. I hope to start treatment in February, to give the vitamins a change to build in my system. x

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A few ideas, although you likely already heard these. look at Zita West's books for all dietry advice & supplements. Take well woman pre-conceive every day (or similar) and cut down caffeine, alcohol, sugars, more veg etc. Accupuncture really helped me in the preparation, helps to balance you out and supposed to help blood flow to the uterus, plus my therapist had some useful advice too.

I only got my first ICSI cycle aged 39. When I got my first AMH test it was great for my age, then three months later it had plummeted! But due to this they gave me the top dosage of meds during the stims phase, so maybe that was a good thing overall.

Best of luck with it all, xxx


Thank you for this. I seem to be doing all the right things now that I've started taking the supplements. I also was on the highest dosage on the last cycle of ivf, but only on folic acid, so fingers crossed that the additional nutrients will help improve things.

Congrats on your news though hun x


Hey, my was\is poor too.

I had 16 eggs

15 fertilised

4 survived only group c

2 implanted didn't work

The other 2 died

I have been doing acupuncture for 3 months

Cut out white sugar

Cut out chocolate

Take maca, royal jelly and omega 3

Will find out if worked next week at the extraction

Was told couldn't harm and might help :)

I'm 38


Ya be interesting to knowing if it helps. Good luck for next week xx


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