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No fertilised eggs

The clinic just called to say that none of my four eggs fertilised, so that's my first cycle over. I've got an appointment on Wednesday to find out more, but all I know is one egg was empty, two were immature and one was too small. Should have asked more questions but was desperate to get hold of hubby who was waiting for news.

Can't stop crying even though I'm telling myself perhaps this is how we explain my unexplained infertility. Really blaming myself.

If anyone knows anything about this sort of situation or has experienced the same, I'd love to hear from you.

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Hi - I don't know anything about it sorry (not at that stage) but wanted to send you much love and a big hug 💝 Xxxx


Thank you.


Really sorry to hear this, don't blame yourself there's nothing you could have done. Ask your consultant what they can do next time to improve your chances.


I guess I've gone along this far believing that unexplained means just bad luck, and now I'm really worried that there's something really wrong. I've felt low over the past few years but today has just been awful.


Sorry to hear your news, please don't blame yourself.

Maybe this time was not right for you. See what the consultant says next week.

Sending big hugs and we are all hear for you for support 💕💕💕


So sorry to hear this sad panda. I think sometimes with IVF it's a case of trial and error to see how your body responds. Hopefully it will just be a case of the consultant may changing your medication/doses for your next round to improve your response and the chance of you getting more mature eggs. Don't blame yourself, it's not your fault. Take care and good luck x

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Sorry to hear this news for you

This has happened me before

Where you on long or short protocol and was it ivf or Icsi?


Hi, it was short protocol and IVF. I really wonder if they rushed me through, I only had four follicles and was on the basic 200 of Gonal F the whole time. Egg collection happened a week earlier than our original scheduling appointment suggested. Perhaps I'm clutching at straws!


Short protocol can impact the quality of eggs produced - I would call out the clinic on this but the sad reality is that fertility treatment is very much trial and error and each cycle can produce different results x


Thanks, this is so helpful. I've been winding myself up about diminished ovarian reserve! I will definitely ask at my follow up what they could change.


Maybe try long protocol next time / it's a pain waiting for egg collection but warrants improved egg quality


I'm so sorry to hear your news. We too suffered years of unexplained and it's not fun is it, but then you get to the clinic and think well look at all of this, got to work right! But like hopeful1982 has said, it may show some insight to your specialists as to what their best next options are, sometimes small changes make big differences. I know that wont help you today, or maybe even tomorrow, and next week probably seems ages away, but I'll hope for good answers for you come Wednesday xxx


Try dhea supplement to improve egg quality maturity and number x good luck


Hi - did you find out anymore about this? Why it didn't work - have been thinking about you & hope you are ok xxxx


Thanks for checking! We saw the consultant who seemed a bit vague about what happened - basically I think they had the dosage too low and didn't realise in time. While I'm pretty unhappy to have had our one funded cycle thrown away like this, I'm relieved that they don't think I have diminished ovarian reserves at all. He was very confident that if they do ICSI next time and do a more tailored dosage noting this experience, next time could work well.

Personally I'm still up and down a bit, but doing better than I feared.

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Glad you are ok, that is really annoying! And wrong you have to pay for their mistake though seems unfair xxxx


Hey sadpanda,

How I feel for you, on our first try we had 16, 15 fertilised only 4 survived, 2 implanted,2 died.

It's a really hard situation, I spent 3 months thinking it was my fault :( my age, my crap eggs etc.

What I've learned, from taking to the biologist.

We have unexplained fertility

The eggs aren't crap

They are fabulous till day 2 then they give up

Don't know why

One cycle can be 100%different from the next

What I'm trying to learn for me

Emotions are awful to deal with

Crying is healthy, normal, you should, you've moved heaven and earth to get to extraction and through no fault of your own it hasn't worked

This is not the end, you will get through this

The power of prayer is amazing

Have faith

I'm sending you the most massive hug ever

The girls here all understand what you feel and how low you can go in your emotions

It didn't make you weak it makes you a fabulous woman full of love who good willing can be an amazing mummy :)

Now I need to follow my own advice ;)

I'm here if you want to talk xx

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Thanks for all the support. I've just had a New Years Eve invitation from a friend who is a mother of two, and there would be three more babies and toddlers at the "party". They host NYE every year and no-one can realistically suggest anything different because it works for the parents and they've got room to put everyone up.

Perhaps this sounds ungrateful but I really wish we could find a way not to go, and spend New Year like we used to.


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