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PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis of embryos)

Has anyone else had to have PGD?

I have a genetic condition that can be passed on to any children, there is a 50% chance it can be passed on ,its from a dominate gene and can range hugely in severity. We have had our first egg collection and have 6 embryos that have been biopsied on day 5-6 to test for the condition, the results can take up to two weeks to come back. If we are lucky enough to have any that do not have the condition and survive the freeze/thaw process they can be put back,I was wondering if anyone else had had this type of treatment?

Its very hard going, our clinic is a 9.5hr round trip from home.

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Hi Charlotte. A colleague of mine chose to have PGD to detect muscular dystrophy. Like you they had 6 embryos, out of which 2 were found to be OK to transfer, so they opted to have both put back. Just the one took and they had a beautiful daughter who is now 5 and recently started “big” school. I just wanted to wish you both well for this, and of course for success. Awful about the travelling you have to do, but sadly PGD is not an option everywhere. Keeping everything crossed that you have some good embryos. Diane


Thank you for your reply.

It's very much appreciated.

What fantastic news that it gas worked for your colleague!

We're lucky to be given this opportunity.


Hi, Charlottte. I wish you all the best. I am sorry you have to travel so far, but really not many fertility clinics offer good PGD. From other forums I know that girls go abroad to have PGD. This year one fertility clinic in Gdansk has been top rated and particularly noted for high quality PGD and PGD NGS. After the ranking has been published almost everyone wants to have PGD in that clinic. When a clinic offers good PGD, it is worth travelling.


Thank you :-)


Hi there - sorry this is a bit late, only just stumbled across it. I'm waiting for my first appointment with a PGD clinic, so not so far down the line as you are.

hope it is all going well for you x


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