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7 weeks scan and empty sak

I had my 7+1 scan today and it showed the sak was there but empty. The scan was carried out by two people who both said that there wasn't anything there but both said that there could be a small sign of a yolk but that there was no foetal pole etc. As it was ivf the dates are pretty set. Obviously we are devastated as this is the furthest we have ever gotten after 4 years ttc and 3 failed attempts of ivf. I had had some nausea and some other signs of pregnancy at 5 weeks but these all disappeared at about 5+5 so I didn't feel good about how things were progressing.

I have to wait 2 weeks to go back and get scanned again and if I haven't bled by then I will have to discuss what happens next.

I just wondered if anyone had been in this position and could tell me what happened next. Or any advice/guidance/words of wisdom?!!!

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Thought are with u x heartbroken for u x


So sorry to hear your news.

Thinking of you.


I'm so sorry to hear this, it must be devastating having to go through all the waiting. Thoughts are with you. Xx


Hi, I am so sorry to hear this. I can't offer any words of advise or wisdom I wish there was something that I could say to help. Just know that you have support here when you need it. My thoughts are will you xx


Hi Imd123,

Last year my hubby and I made a love sac with no baby inside. I was 6 weeks + 4, I was given a week in case my dates were wrong but sadly it wasn't to be. We did not conceive through IVF but have been TTC for three years and nothing since the miscarriage. It's so frustrating! I am so sorry for your news and hope that In two weeks the outcome will be different but I do know what you are going through and the limbo stage is the worst. Please be strong and get lots of cuddles. Sending positive thoughts.

Kim xx


I don't have any words of wisdom, but I do want to say that I am sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself x


Heya, Kim and I have both had a similar experience. My symptoms vanished and I knew something was up- sure enough I'd forgotten the baby part. After next week they'll give you 3 options- wait for your body to naturally catch on and miscarry, medical management where you get a series of pills to medical kick start the miscarriage or surgical management where they knock you out and do the job for you. I opted for surgical as I was in a situation where it was difficult to take time off work and miscarrying in the bathroom at work did not sound like a wise idea for my mental state. Surgery went smoothly, helped me to put it behind me and move on quickly, but it's not without its risks. I'm not sure what they'll recommend if you're going through IVF, but do take time to consider all outcomes of all options and go for whatever you think is best for you.

So sorry it's not worked out, you must be devastated. Fingers crossed for you in the future and do let us know how you get on xxxxx

Ps. Shoulders back, boobies forward (age old advice from my husband- but it works)

Pps. Just waiting to go in for my first acupuncture session, has anyone tried this?! X


Thank you for all the responses and I'm sorry that so many of you have had to go though this.

I'm not sure if everything has suck in yet and God help me when it does! I have stopped taking the progesterone suppositories as of yday so who knows if/when I start bleeding. I am worried about the next bit as its quite a scary prospect. But I think I would be keen to get it over and done with asap but I'm not sure what they will offer me.

I am not sure if I keep hoping that when i go back there will miraculously be something there! Or that being pregnant will kick start my body so I'll naturally conceive next month!! And neither of these veins of thought is going to help my mental state!

Just can't get over how cruel this all is.

All the best to all of you, trying or not!

P.s I had Accupuncture for a while and didn't find it that helpful for regulating my cycle which is what I was hoping however I did use it before and after implantation and got the only bfp I've ever had!

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Sorry to know the heartbreaking event. Thinking of you and surely sending you love and support.


My husband & I went through this devastating situation only 3/4 weeks ago, I really feel for you both.

Our experience was similar to Lucylove, except that we opted for medical management.

It was nearly 2 weeks of blood tests & scans before we had our miscarriage confirmed, it was an awful period of limbo to be in.

The medical management was pretty straight forward & the worst of the physical process was over in 24hrs. I've done a pregnancy test just this morning to check that my pregnancy hormones have dropped back down & we've got a follow up appointment at the fertility clinic on Thursday.

We've had a BFP twice- once naturally & once with ivf. As Icc123 said, we're in the 'when I...' not 'can I...' zone which should give us all hope. 3rd time lucky is my moto for the next BFP...whether natural or IVF.

My thoughts & best wishes are with you for the next tough few weeks. Take things easy, give yourself time to 'heal' & look after each other xx


Thank you everyone for your words of comfort. They say time is a healer but at the moment I'm not sure! I think it's just sinking in and there is an expectation that life needs to return to normal again!

I feel for anyone who has a miscarriage but i think what I'm struggling with most is that I know I can't just try again next month. Also I want to know what went wrong. Was it a sign of what our problems are? Was I ever really pregnant?

I have a lot to be thankful for in life but the focus inevitably falls on the one missing piece.

Focus on the good and be thankful!


Hi really sorry you have had this news. When I was 7+2 I was told the same DO NOT GET YOUR HOPE UP BUT...the next day I went to an independent private scan clinic & asked them to check... they found a heartbeat & the baby straight away. I went back to my private IVF clinic & again they couldn't find anything using there internal scan but could on an abdominal scan....

My story didn't have a good ending though as the heartbeat was slow & it stopped a few days later.

I'm only telling you this as now I believe that everyone should always have both an internal & abdominal scan as although internal are normally better they aren't always.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you xx

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