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Prof Winston discusses IVF


Prof Robert Winston is campaigning against exploitation of couples dealing with fertility issues. He had an article in the Daily Mail last week which was very interesting and food for thought. This week (Thursday 10th sept) he will be on the This Morning discussing how couples are overcharged and sometimes under go IVF treatment without being given a thorough examination or tests to determine the real cause of fertility issues. Sometimes a simple xray can show up something that is easily treated and natural conception can then happen.

For all of us on this journey I highly recommend reading up on what he claims or try to watch him on This Morning. He also appeared on The Wright Stuff on channel 5 on fri 4th Sept. I was just able to download it on demand / catch up.

I really do feel that us ladies going through this should make a stand and be heard. Anyway, I will get off my soapbox now :-) but do try to check it out xx

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Hi lou79 I read this article in Daily Mail...now I'm watching on cutch up The Wright staff thank u ..

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I wish I had read his book 8 years ago. He makes some very valid points. Also why does treatment at one NHS hospital privately cost £3k while others £7.5k? Etc. and I do agree at times it is exploitation.


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