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Hi everyone, me and my partner went for our Donor meeting a couple of weeks ago, it was all very positive. All my blood work came back fine, so I just have to get my BMI lower by looking 1 1/2 stone.

I have been given access to the donor website, so i can shop for sperm, i have to say, its very strange, but also interesting.

We have a meeting with a councillor in a months time. If all goes well and my weight is doing ok, then the whole IVF process can begin.

Its taken us a while to get used to the idea of using Donor sperm, but we are both really happy that we will get to be parents.

if anyone else has been through this or is going through the same thing, i would love to hear from you

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Hi Anon123. That’s wonderful news, and all looking positive for you both. I haven’t actually had this type of treatment, but lots of couples/ladies I have supported over the years have been successful, and I have lovely “happy family” photos to prove it! I just wanted to wish you both well with it all, and let’s hope it is not too long before you’re giving birth to your own little one. Diane


We're about to start round 3, this time with donor eggs. It was a very difficult decision as I would have much preferred to be using my eggs but we've tried that twice and it hasn't worked. I've gone through feeling I'm a real failure but it gives us the best chance of getting a BFP.

Have you looked at the Donor Conception network website?


I'm also using donor sperm but through my clinic. Like a few ladies, I've not had the best of relationships and because I am at that age where it is 'now or never'' I've had to go down this route. Of course I would of liked things to of been very different but I guess this is the next best thing.

I really hope things work out for you and that you do become parents but as a bit of advice - I would say to have a plan B if it doesn't in the back of your mind.

There is only 12% chance that it's going to work for me but I wanted to take that chance so not to have any regrets later on.

My BMI was a little high when I first visited the clinic and because I had Insulin Resistance it was a devil to get off but I did it.

Let me know how you get on :o)


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