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Hormone levels

Had a scan yesterday and today and was due to have one tomorrow to start the whole injection process for IVF. Anyway, the nurse took blood from me today and have just heard that I've got a high hormone level so have to wait to start the process on the next cycle now. What does this exactly mean and is there anything I can do to help? My husband is gutted and has gone really quiet and all I can say to him is I'm sorry- just feel awful! Anyone been through this at all? It seems we get so far forward and then are hit back again- back in July we were due to start then there were a problem with bloods (they thought I had hepatitis b- luckily I absolutely don't they had just got it wrong as a vaccine I had for a holiday had shown up on the bloods- this meant I had to wait until my next cycle but then the next cycle happened when we were away for a week). I just hate how this is affecting my husband- he gets so down which makes me feel even worse and I really want to be able to do something to make it better. I just wonder if there is anything I can be doing to help us to be able to start the process. Sorry for the garballed post!

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Hi yllek1982. Oh dear! It is so disappointing when this happens. I assume that it was your oestradiol that was very high?? If this is the case, then you could be at risk of over stimulation and could end up very poorly. Try and look at it as something positive, as the doctors don’t know how you are going to react to a cycle of treatment, until you try. They will be able to “fine-tune” it a bit better for you next cycle, so hopefully all is not lost. Your husband, bless him, will hate having to see you go through this, so will naturally be upset. I am sure the clinic will be back in touch with you soon with some explanation. Just look after each other, as it can be quite lonely going through IVF. Fingers crossed that your next cycle will go to plan. Diane


Thank you so much for your reply Diane I really appreciate it. I've tried contacting the clinic today in order to discuss it further but have had to leave a voicemail so I doubt I will hear today so will have to wait until Monday I think. Trying to remain positive which is so difficult when the husband is barely talking but tomorrow is a new day so perhaps he will be better tomorrow. Thanks again for your kind words x


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