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Pelvic Cramps - Reason unknown


Has anyone been suffering from pelvic cramps, always at night - for about 3 nights of the month, every month? Me and my husband have been TTC for 2 years, with only 1 miscarriage last year to show for it :-( I am currently on the waiting list for a Laparoscopy, as I think it is Endometriosis, as my sister suffers from this. I am running out of ideas as to what else it could be - any ideas?

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At what time of the month do you get your cramps? As well as my period cramps (I have endo) I also get cramps around ovulation time (about day 15 of my cycle) for a few days when I ovulate from the right hand side as I have an endometrioma cyst on my ovary. Ovulation pain can be common and doesn't always mean there is an underlying issue.

Good luck with your lap. Are you having it done at a specialist endometriosis center? I had mine done by a general gyne and although he found endo on my ovaries, in the pouch of douglas, sticking my bladder and uterus together and my ovary to my appendix he didn't remove any as he wasn't skilled enough. I've since learnt that a specialist would have been able to do this. I would strongly recommend this as it may save you having to have a further operation and another wait or missing out on treatment altogether like me.

I can only imagine how awful having a miscarriage was but at least this means you are able to get pregnant so it should be able to happen again for you.

Has your hubby had any tests? My gyne recommended my husband did this while I was waiting for my lap. Unfortunately the results showed we have a male factor problem too but it did mean we got referred to the fertility clinic sooner then we would have if we hadn't found this out.



Hi Vickal,

Thanks for your info. I am currently keeping a diary of when I get the cramps and there is no pattern. They can be before my period or after. I have been having them since May of this year. My husband has had a sperm count, which has come back normal. I am going to a Gyno Dept. in my local hospital (referred by my GP). I am hoping they will have been informed as to why I have asked for the referal (self diagnosis of possible Endo) but we are talking about the NHS, so lord knows! We are currently with a fertility clinic, but as all my tests have come back normal - all they can do for me now is IVF, which we will have to pay for because of the postcode lottery and my age. Hence why if we have to pay for it, I want to make sure I don't have Endo first!

Good luck with your journey of conceiving :-)


Hi All,

Had my Gyno appointment today. They think it is Endo from my symptoms described. I am being booked in for a Laparoscopy, but it will take up 3 months on NHS waiting list for op. Anyone got any ideas on how I can fast track the op - aside from chasing cancellations? Thank you!


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