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Surgery update

Hi ladies,

As some of you know I had my lap yesterday and everything was fine apart from the panic attack that I had when I was waken up from the anesthetic so they had to put me to sleep again..It was a long day as I went there at noon and left hospital around 9pm... I didn't feel a thing but now every move that I make I almost feel like they are ripping my belly, hubby is helping me with everything witch is good because otherwise I would be stuck to the bed.

I couldn't speak to the doctor because he was in a emergency so I had to came home without any explanation just a letter saying that had anteverted uterus with bilateral terminal hydrosolpix and the tubes blocks, so now I don't know what they have done and even more confused because I have to wait for the emergency appointment with the doctor. ..

Does anyone ever heard something about that??😕😕

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Hi pinto8. Well, at least you have got that stage over with, and you eventually came round OK in the end! I’m sure you will have some post operation guidelines given to you and how to manage any pain you may have. However, although you are sore, try and make sure that you get up and about often to help with good circulation and to also help get rid of the “gas” inside you that will have been used to inflate your tummy, so that they could see round more easily. You will need to discuss the bilateral hydrosalpinx that was discovered, as many consultants now believe that they need “dealing with” before commencing with IVF, as excess fluid build-up in the tubes can leak back into the womb and may hinder implantation of a developing embryo. Lots to talk about when you have your consultation, but I do wish you well and hope for a speedy recovery. Diane


Thank you Diane... at the moment I am very concerned about everything ,I went to my gp and after some tests she tink that I'm probably with some infection so now I'm on antibiotics and just received the appointment with the doctor in hospital. .it's for tomorrow so hopefully I will have some answers


Hi pinto8. By now, hopefully you will have some answers. Hope the consultation went OK. Diane


Hi Diane it wasn't good at all...at the moment I just feel that I don't have strength for nothing else....I just want to give up


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