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Worried about too much Vitamin E in 2 week wait

Hi everyone,

I am currently 6dp3dt and half way into my 2 week wait.

For years I have taken Pregnancare Conception Vitamins and Vitabiotics Omega 3 tablets as there is nothing on it that says that its Cod Liver Oil but rather a high quality Omega 3 Fish Oil. So I always thought it's perfectly safe to take during IVF and Pregnancy!

Today I read several articles on how bad Vitamin E is during pregnancy!

Now the Pregnacare Conception Vitamins contain 4 mg Vitamin E and the Omega 3 tablets contain 11 mg Vitamin E. That is roughly 20% more than the recommended daily allowance :-(

I am now very much worried that I might have done something very bad and caused my embryos harm.

Does anyone have any knowledge about these things? I always thought that Pregnacare conception Vitamins and Omega 3 are very good things. In fact I have studied Nutrition at a college and learned about it but didn't know that I could overdose on Vitamin E that way?

Thank you everyone. Hope I am worried over nothing here xxx

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I take well woman preconception and omega 3. When I told my nurse this she said she wasn't sure whether omega 3 was ok, but went away and came back and said it was fine. I'm still going through treatment though so don't know if advice would change during 2WW.

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Hello, I don't have any knowledge but I took the pregnacare conception vitamins and having just googled "foods with vitamin E" can say I ate at least half of the top ten during my 2ww. I got a positive result do I don't think you're doing any harm to your embies. Good luck! x

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