Hi, I had two embryos transferred on Saturday and since have been extremely tired...anyone else finding this too?

It has been a massive roller coaster ride of three years to get to this stage and our first attempt at ICSI earlier in the year resulted in all 3 eggs degenerating during the ICSI procedure...which was a massive shock to me & my Husband.

I'm feeling so shattered, that even an hour's walk is rendering me useless...usually I'd be stomping up the hills! ;-)

I appreciate that the large doses of recent medication, hormones and emotions are all playing a part, but just wondering if it's "normal" to be feeling like this?

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  • Sweetpea76 congratulations for transfer and wish you ask the best and success in the process. Xx I would be in your situation after one or two weeks, as embryologist discussed of two embryos because our three transfer cycles failed previously.

    I would look forward what advice you get here that might help me as well.

    Stay calm and take care of yourself xx sending you lots of baby s dust xx

  • Hi sweetpea im 5dp5dt and I feel so tired every day Im doing a few things around the house but i feel like i need to sit down all the time and then when ive done dinner in the evening i feel ready for bed I just have no energy anymore xx

  • I'm almost always exhausted for a few days after the whole event. It could be the hormone progesterone as I perk right up afterwards. Take it easy.

  • I think you need to listen to your body. It's a huge thing to go through and I remember being exhausted after my first fresh transfer when I had 2 embryos put back. It is definitely normal to feel the way you are feeling so try not to worry too much. Relax as much as you possibly can and let your body use all your energy for your wee embies ๐Ÿ’œ x x

  • This was me 10 weeks ago following my egg transfer! So so tired, even at the weekends I could hardly stay awake for a couple of hours! It literally started 3 days after transfer.

    Anyway it continued to get worse especially after my BFP! It's all sounding hopeful. Good luck๐Ÿ€

  • Thank you! It's good to know that what I'm feeling is "normal" ๐Ÿ˜‰

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