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EC done & dusted. Advice ?

Hi ladies , I had my EC this morning and we managed to get 10 eggs. I am over the moon with this as last round we just about managed to get the 3. So much better ! 

Now for the hardest part , the waiting to see if any fertilised. This is torture to me as I really want a 5dt this time. 

Hope your all well. Anybody have 10 eggs collected ? What was the finally number you were left with? 


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Hi daydreamer

Fingers crossed for fertilisation xx

Did the EC hurt? 

How long did you stay at hospital?

Holly x


Hi isitonlyadream it's more uncomfortable than anything but everybody is different. 

I had a higher dose of pain relief because it was uncomfortable last time so didn't want that to happen this time but it was just the same today. A few niggles here and there will be worth it for the end result lovely. I was there for about 2 1/2 hours x


Thank you for getting back to me, that's good to know 😄 

Good luck x


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Hi, I had 9 eggs collected, four fertilised (and did well) and the best two were transferred on Thursday :-)

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Ah that's fab Hidden good luck for your 2ww and fingers crossed you have got very sticky ones on board x


Good luck to you too!


Thank you x


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