1 Week till I fly out for treatment

Its seemed to takes ages to get here but now its going very quick & I've still loads to sort out! I fly to the Czech republic next Tuesday for our 2nd round of treatment (First was in UK & ended in miscarriage).

We're trying to see it as a holiday & plan things to do but I initially fly out on my own, I'm hiring a car & driving on the right side of the road for the very first time ever.

DH cant come over till 5 days later due to work, just hoping now that all tests / drugs & everything I have before he gets there don't effect me too much.

I've got an unrealistic expectation that we will be pregnant at the end off it as we got pregnant first time... my head is playing games & I keep flipping from 'of course it will work' to 'you aren't going to be that lucky twice'.

I honestly don't know how you ladies on your 3rd+ attempt keep so strong.

Good luck to everyone


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  • Good luck and safe journey x

  • Wow how exciting. If it was me I would be dreading the driving more than the treatment ha ha. Wishing you the best of luck x

  • Ha that is exactly how I am feeling right now! I was laughed at when I asked 'are the pedals the normal way round' :)

  • Ha Ha in all seriousness though are they ;-)

    At least it might take your mind off things for a while x

  • Yes they are :) such a relief! Now I just have to hope I avoid all roundabouts. Its a good job I'm quite a chilled out person x

  • It will be an adventure and I am sure you will be fine. It must all be very exciting and really hope you get the outcome you want x

  • Good luck poochi! An added bonus of an adventure/holiday into the bargain :) take care xx

  • Driving on the right is easy when in a Mainland Europe car. Just remember the Center line belongs on your side of the car, not the passenger side. Just forget left/right and think placement. Where is the dividing line in regards to your body... (I don't know left from right, so have always gone by placement)

  • Good luck keep that positive, hopefully we are about to embark on another and final cycle, gotta let go of fear and take the faith leap and prayer it will work this time round xxx

    Wishing you baby dust xxx

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