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Yet Another Delay!!

Hi People,

I hope you are all well! I am feeling really disappointed, after I had my essure and polyps removed from my womb, I was looking forward to finally starting my ivf! I have received a letter today saying I must have transvaginal and transabdominal scan really disappointed! my appointment is set or monday the 1st, so at least it's not to far ahead, my stomach has felt a lot better since I was treated for pelvic inflammatory disease, but I can still feel mild pains every now and again, so I think I am just nervous as to what they might find and any more delays! wishing you all the very best of luck in your journeys thank you for reading xxx

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Hello Liz1985,

I think it's normal to feel anxious about these tests. I remember I worked myself up into a complete state about my HSG. I was convinced my tubes were blocked as I could feel a pain in my side. It turned out they were absolutely fine and the pain in my side was (most likely) my body preparing for ovulation!

The pains you have are probably the same or just your body recovering from surgery so try not to worry. I also think struggling to conceive leaves you with a heightened awareness of every little twinge in you tummy!

Although these tests can be daunting (especially when you've already had problems to deal with) it is a step in the right direction towards IVF.

I hope your scans go well. The appointment will be here before you know it.

Best of luck x


I also had delay after delay before my IVF could start! Another cyst, operation only for it to come back after a month! Then a cancelled cycle due to non-response. Finally got through my first complete IVF cycle to get a BFP! I'm now 12 weeks. Hang in there, as frustrating as it is if your body is right it can happen first time!

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