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Bleeding....so scared....part 2

Ok so I left work yesterday really upset because I was bleeding, spend most of the night feeling low and panicking that it's all over....got up 6am this morning to go buy a test because I couldn't sleep, the bleeding is more brownish like it is stopping ....test says Pregnant 3+......so releived.....however my next concern is if I had a loss could the pregnancy test be fooled into giving me a false positive or can i relax now that my pregnancy journey continues. I've decided not to go to work today and rest but anxious on whether the test is true x x

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Hi I really don't know the answer to your question, but do think you have done the right thing taking the day off to rest. Easier said than done but try to relax xx


Hi SuzanneAM,

Obviously I wouldn't want to say anything for certain, but spotting can most definitely happen with no harmful effects to the baby. It's very large clots that you would need to be concerned about. Rest up and take it easy xxx wishing you all the best xxx


I'm not sure either, but I would definitely take a few days rest from work and get yr feet up. Have you been scanned? They can do internal ones I think from 6 weeks. I'd call and say yr not coping and need to know. I had a bleed at nearly 13 weeks and had to wait for a scan, I rang the next day and said I was so upset I wasn't coping. They rang around every hospital in the area and I was seen the next day. The baby was fine! Hope things settle down for you, brown blood is much better than bright red as its old blood. Let us know how you get on, good luck I'm sure you'll be fine xx


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