The wait goes on!!

Today I had my 2nd MMR booster - so a month to wait before my blood test and seeing the nurse for my medication. This has put me back 2 months, I started all this in November! Time is running out though as I only have until April as I will be too old.

This is so hard on your own, people who have partners at least have support and I wish I did!

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  • Due to several NHS failures it took me over 18 months to finally get my consultants appointment from the time I first visited my doctor. It is so exhausting and the biggest waiting game I've ever had to play! I finally started treatment this week. I was told that as long as you are referred while you are 39 you can have treatment even if you turn 40. Not sure how old you are but I hope you get your treatment soon x

    This site is a great help but I've also had some counselling too and reflexology, I found it really beneficial. Good luck on your journey xx

  • Thank you - I'm self funding mine and I'm 43!! Don't think I could bare having my feet touched! Counselling was part of my treatment at the beginning x

  • It's hard, but better knowing your body is in the best way possible for a baby to grow safely. Be safe. You can do this. don't click on the website someone attached!

  • Thank you, I realise that but still a long wait!

    I thought the link was dodgy!! x

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