Day 12 after embryo transfer


I had my embryo transfer 12 days ago (22nd June) and I have been really good & not done a Hpt until yesterday. I've done 2 now yesterday and today and their both positive!! Myself & my partner are obviously excited but also scared that it could be the injections I'm on giving me false positives.

My next appointment at the clinic is Monday where they'll tell us whether it's worked....

Has anyone else tested early and the outcome still be the same?

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  • Hooray!

  •'s a natural feeling..

    Last round, I did my first test 13 days after the trigger. It was the faintest of lines, but still there and then 2 days later it got stronger until I continued to OTD with a positive.

    It's a very strange situation when you've been waiting this long :-)

  • When you all the best hunxx

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