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FET Fri.....part 2

Thank you all for your replies, just had my FET what an emotional day, first one that was thawed was no good after waiting 3 hours, second one was finally ok and I am now waiting for the 7th July to take test at which I found strange because usually it is two weeks? Had acupuncture before and after FET which I would deffinatly recommend xx fingers crossed 🙏 and hope your all doing well xx

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Good luck!

I was wondering how the frozen transfer worked. We've only got 3 on freeze and was worried they'd get them all out just in case, but do you know if that's how they always do it? You have to wait until they get one that's ok? Did they say why the wait is shorter? Sorry for all the questions, I'm a bit of a worrier and excited about us finally getting close to this happening to us.

Bob x


By the sounds of it they take one out at a time. I got a phone call at about 8:30 to say they where thawing my embryo, I received a call at about 9:30 to say that its lost a few cells than they hoped but as long as it stays as it is it's ok, and they booked me in for 2pm to have FET. I received a called at 11:30 to say the embryo has failed, therefore they are thawing a second one but my FET is still at 2pm. I received a further call about 12:30 to say that the embryo is really good and FET is on schedule. So my clinic procedure looks like they call every hour to update...was an up and down down but my embryo is now inside me and fingers crossed it's a success 🙏....looks like it is shorter because it's a 5 day blast and a 3 day like last time x good luck, any more questions I'll try to help xx


Aw good luck Suzanne. I hope all goes well for you x x I'm having my FET in a few weeks time I just can't wait. I've been told that it's not going to be a 2ww for me it'll only be 9 days as my wee frozen embie is a 5 day blastocyst so it must go with the age of the embryo. I've been having acupuncture every Tuesday and i plan to have it within the 24hrs before my transfer & within the 24hrs after the transfer, is that what you did? I find the acupuncture really helps with the stress. In fact I haven't felt stressed at all since I started the acupuncture to be honest 😊 x x


Yes I had the pre transfer acupuncture an hour before my FET and then a post transfer acupuncture straight after my FET which I found really helped and relaxed me before the procedure and after. I've downloaded Zita West visualisation CD for IVF which was played and she has a session that you play every day in your two week wait which is meant to be relaxing so I will see what that is like 👍🙏 x


Ooh that all sounds fab Suzanne 😉 Keep me posted how you're getting on x x


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