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Second attempt

Hi everyone

We recently underwent out first cycle of ivf which resulted in bfn. I knew it was over before test date as I started af by day 10.

Does anyone else feel like the clinic may have not looked into the reasons why you may fail to fall pregnant naturally? As I've had previous surgery in the past, most drs have put it down to scar tissue and adhesions blocking my tubes, but I'm now worried it's more than that as the cycle failed.

My consultation is next month to try and discover what went wrong, is it worth mentioning that I would like more tests to see what exactly is going on down there or am I making a big deal out of nothing?!

Thank you

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Hi niag I'm sorry that it hasn't worked for you. If you have got AF 10days after egg collection then this would suggest a very short luteal phase which will affect implantation. The phase needs to be a minimum of 12 days from egg collection/ovulation. The clinic should really look at all options as to why you aren't getting pregnant, if you don't feel you have a good answer then push for more tests, good luck x

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Thank u for your kind reply poochi. Always helps to hear some suggestions because atm I'm feeling a little lost!

Hope everything is going ok for u xx


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