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Happy today

Hi ladies for the first time I can say that I'm getting my hopes up, so after everything that's been happening with all the back and forth I have finally been referred to the fertility and reproductive consultant... I can say that now I know that the real journey it's going to begin but I'm prepared and by my side I have the most kind partner so bring it on I'm ready for the ups and downs because in the end I know it's going to be worth and finally I will have my baby...

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Congratulations hunni this is wonderful news. I am so happy to hear your progress and it is exciting to be moving forward to the next stage. Each step is a step closer. You so deserve it after all the fighting you've done and yes your baby will be worth it. Never give up hope even when things get tough. Wishing you the very best with your next stage of your journey keep me posted X


Thanks jess1981 yes finally I can see some light in the end of the tunnel, I know it's not much but it's making a big difference in my mood as lately I have been so stressed out...So next month it's the big moment we're I will find out what's wrong and what I can do. And how about you,have you received the date for your operation yet??let me know when you got your date xx


It's these little steps that make such a huge difference to how you feel. For me it feels like you're taking part some of the control and actually doing something about the situation instead trying in vain and wondering why it's not happening. Don't worry If something does get found ,there will be a solution so it'll be a postive thing and bring you closer to your baby. And that'll give you more of a chance of having a baby it will be worth it :) I'm just releived my fibroid was found and the cause of our delay in conceiving in some ways it's better to have a reason than to be told nothing's wrong I personally found that much harder to get my head around and thought I must be doing something wrong.Bless you for remembering my op that's so sweet. Nothing yet Hun.At least I'm at a private hospital as an nhs patient I'm pretty lucky really, it cut my waiting by 2 months for my first intital appointment plus it has a shorter list for ops I was told about 6 weeks (end of this month) I'm just trying keep myself busy tidying and organizing stuff at home for when I do have op. Will def let you know when I hear thank you I know it's a big step closer to my baby :) We will get there hunni. X


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