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I've been on Buserelin for 18 days and Menopur for 14 days and my follicle development seems to have stopped :-( There has been no change at all in the last seven days. The nurse said I seem to have stalled. They have increased my dosage of Menopur to see if that gets things going again. On my last cycle I responded really well and really quickly.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? My clinic never give any feedback, I don't know if I should be worried or not. Is this normal?

Feeling concerned xx

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I responded very differently during the first and second ICSI attempts and the consultant wasn't able to give a reason why. He just said that our bodies respond to the drugs differently at different times. During the second round my follicle growth actually retarded but they still went ahead with egg collection. If you don't respond to increased medication your clinic should advise on whether to cancel EC.

I hope you respond to the increased medication.


Thanks for your reply, fingers crossed the additional menopur does the trick x


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