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IVF with endometrosis

Dates booked. Advice and prayers please.

I had my first IVF appointment and all my treatment dates are booked in July with short protocol.

I am yet to go for nurse appointment to get all the treatment details.

I am having 3 scans , collection and transfer at day 5.

Some advices and what expect from ladies would be very help.

What time usually all this are done? Morning or afternoon? I got one and half hour of driving to clinic. I am working full time.

How long will the scans take?

Do I need to take days off during stimulation and take rest? Or drive to work?

How many days rest is need after egg collection and transfer ?

Pills have been provided for me to take and need to stop to bleed. Will be bleed next day after the last tablet?

Advices and prayers for me please .

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Usually on CD 2 or 3 they will do a baseline scan and blood tests to check that you are ok to start. They will be checking to see that you haven't got any cysts or infection that might interfere with the medication. They will then give you a drug to stimulate your ovaries, I had Gonal F and a mixture of Gonal f and menopur (?) towards the end. You will take your medication shot every evening (usually- but it doesn't have to be evening). It is normally an injection in your stomach. They will scan your ovaries and check your hormone levels to monitor how your follicles are growing, they may alter your dosage depending on how your body responds. I started off on 225mg of Gonal F which they then upped after 5 days to 300mg and menopur (can't remember the dose level of menopur). During the scans they will also measure the thickness of your endometrial lining. Once your follicles have grown to a suitable size (around 22mm) you will be given a trigger shot to stimulate your ovaries to release the eggs. The trigger shot usually happens around CD 14 but it depends on your body. The trigger shot is a dose of HCG which is the pregnancy hormone and it comes in doses of between 10,000ui - 20,000 ui. This hormone stays in your system for between 10-20 days depending on the level you take. The general rule is 1000ui per day so a 10,000ui trigger shot will stay in your system for roughly 10 days. Again the trigger shot is an injection and it has to be carefully timed to 36 hours before your egg collection appointment. During the egg collection you will be sedated. I was told to fast for 12 hours beforehand as I was having anaesthetic. I was also told not to use deodorant or perfumes on the day because these can effect the eggs. On the day of egg collection you will also start taking progesterone daily. This may be in the form of a pessary (that you stick up your bum) or an injection (that goes in your bum) 😖. On the day of egg collection your partner will also give his sample (or the sperm you are using will be there ready) and the eggs will be fertilised in the lab once the sperm has been washed and the best ones selected. The method they use to fertilise the eggs will depend on whether you are having IVF or ICSI IVF. The eggs will then be monitored to see if they have fertilised and if so, which ones are growing the best. The embryologist should call you every day to update you on how your embryos are progressing. The embryologists will then decide whether to transfer the embryos back into your uterus on either day 3 or day 5 depending on how they are growing. You should be prepared to go to the clinic on either of these days so maybe book these days and the day after off work if you can. Transfer itself takes roughly 15 minutes and is like a long smear test. You will need to have semi full bladder during transfer in order to help the doctor see things more clearly on the scan. Once transfer has been done you will continue to take progesterone until your blood test date. If you have a 5 day transfer this will be 10 days later. If you have a 3 day transfer this will be 14 days later (someone correct me if that's wrong- I had a 5 day so I'm not sure). Be very wary of testing early during this time as the HCG trigger shot may still be in your system and you may get a false positive- this happened to me, and trust me- you do not want to be in that position, it is horrible. While you're waiting to take your pregnancy blood test eat lots of protein to help with implantation. I hope all this helps and fingers crossed you get a BFP at the end! 😀


Thanks a lot.

Your info was very clear and gave me good idea.


I find the injections hurt less if you use an ice pack and also introduce needle into your tummy/thigh at an angle.

As regards work yould need to be flexible as there would be a few morning scans and blood tests so you would be a bit late for work.(Try to request the earliest appointments).

For egg collection and egg transfer yould need the entire day off to rest as they are quite overwhelming at the least!.

Don't forget your water,fruits,vegetables and folic acids!...and Google is not your friend if you get fixated!.

Good luck and hope it goes well for you.


Thanks atutu. I am off for the first 2 weeks and last week I need to book off for work.That's the week I am having collection and transfer .


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