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Blood tests and it all starts next week!!

I had some routine blood tests today for Hepatitis, HIV and Rubella plus a Chlamydia test as well.

But it all starts next week with my consultation appointment followed by the week after with a nurse appointment. It's starting to feel for real now!

If it's ment to be then it will, thats kind of my coping strategy!

At the nurse appointment I will get to choose a donor but they havn't many so it may only be out of a couple! Then there will be details such as hair and eye colour, build, their job and hobbies but the bit that touched me was they write a 'Goodwill message' to their child. Apparently a child can trace their father when they get to 18.

Wow, this is the biggest thing I've ever done!! x

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Good luck with everything hope all works out for you hun ☺xxxxxx


Thank you so much x


Good luck Distinction72! Donors really do give the most incredible gift. I hope it all goes well. Take care x


Thank you - it certainly seems it - The gift of life x


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