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Thrush during down reg - can I take canesten?

Hi, I'm on the long protocol and have started a week ago and I feel I've got a thrush coming (otherwise I'm fine apart from having a slightly sore tummy from the infections). Has anybody else had thrush during IVF? Is it safe to use a treatment? I would usually take canesten pessary+cream but am not sure if it's safe to take it. I couldn't reach the clinic today and am afraid I won't be able to talk to them over the long weekend. It seems silly not to treat the thrush - but I was wondering if anybody has had a similar problem? Any advice would be very helpful!!

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Thrush? Sorry I didn't have any thrush. Hope it's not thrush and you will be ok.xxx


Hey! If you can't get a hold of the clinic I would ask the pharmacist at your local chemist and see if they can help x


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