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we had egg collection Thursday got only 6 follicles. Got to clinic and got the call to say have 5!eggs with 3 fertilised :( with ICSI, feeling low about this as was same last year with normal IVF even though trying to stay positive it feels as we are back in the same spot having tried things differently.

Dilemma is we are booked in on Sunday for EC however dependent on quality that could

Be day 5, not sure what to do have 3 days as in is better than out or 5 day with the possibility of loosing an egg or 2 along the way potentially this could happen....so confused and low about it all was hoping for a better result although logic says quality over quantity 🙏🏽

Ps can I take Senokot for constipation been a few days now and am struggling i look pregnant with the size of my belly 😢

Sorry for the negative rant.

Good luck to all of us 😘

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Hi Tamtam1.

I think this is still good news even though you had hoped for a better outcome this time round. You have 3 embryos and that in itself is an amazing achievement. Try to think positive and let the clinic guide you as it will depend on the quality of the embryos and how they develop whether or not they recommend you have your transfer at day 3 or day 5. There are no guarantees embryos will make it to 5 days and they say you need to be prepared to lose a percentage of them along the way.

I started my first cycle of treatment last month, got 5 eggs, 3 fertilised nicely and then had 2 embryos put back on day 3. One was graded 7/8 and the other was 5/8. The 3rd remaining embryo was graded 5/8 and fortunately this made it to 5 day blastocyst and is currently frozen for my next try which will hopefully be July.

You're so right in what you say... It's 'quality over quantity' every time and remember it only takes one.

🌼💛🌼Sending lots of luck & positive thoughts your way 🌼💛🌼 x x


Thanking you my sweet...this journey is unexplainable 😘


I usually use the dulco-ease gel capsules when im constipated they're really good. I got them from Boots Chemist 😉 x x


Hi Tamtam1. I see that “noodles” has covered your dilemma with your embryos, and I’m sure your clinic will look after you. Poor love, I think one of the worst things you can suffer from is constipation. However, I think that your safest bet is to try something like “Duphalac” or “Fybogel” which is a bulking agent for constipation, and will soften your stools, so that they are easier to pass. It’s a natural fibre that you mix and drink. You can get fibre to sprinkle on your cereal too which may help. If you do get “bunged up, try "Lactulose" which is liquid, or if you prefer something in tablet form, then go for the “Senokot” that you mentioned. If all else fails, you will have to see your GP, but I think you will find that he/she will most likely recommend the same. Thinking of you. Diane.


Hey Diane

Thank you so much it's so horrible, just waiting to hear back from the docs am doing the fibre thing too.

If I give in defo will go for the Senokot

thanks a bunch 😘


Will be thinking of you. Diane


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