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Overies shut down now onto Gonal F and Menopur

Hi ladies

Just thought I would give you the update if anyone is interested. Started buseralin last week April 24. Had first scan today and says that all looking good lining is nice and thin but left overary is hiding however still all looks fine. (Amen)

Second stage May 8 to start with Gonal F and Menopur while still taking buseralin. Issue Is now have injections bumps and it's getting harder and harder to inject so different from first cycle. Tummy is sore and as of tomorrow have to have injection in morning and 3 in evening for 11 days😟

Anyways sorry for long post here's praying on a prayer.

Stay strong to all of us on our different journeys😝

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Stay strong. I'm on gonal f and certicode. Back tomorrow for another scan. Left side doing good, right is a but slow but they aren't worried. Just me worried. I have been told to drink much more water than I have been and it's been helping my sore tummy and the bloating

Good LUck with your cycle


Good luck. Stay strong. I have a scan tommorow to see what's going on. Then might get transfer date. Xx


Piglet12. How many scans did you have before you had egg collection?


Hello. I had at least four sometimes more. Depending on how I responded to stimulation. How many have you had so far. Xx


Second one tomorrow since I started the injections. Was starting to worry that it was just me. I expected to just b told that we would cancel or go to egg collection. Thanks


Don't worry. It's normal to need more than one. On one cycle I needed eight. So don't worry Hun. It's going ok. Hope scan went ok let me know. Xx


Thanks ladies

Wishing you all good luck.... Will update on next weeks scans 😘


Tamtam1 look forward to hearing about it.

Piglet12 - wow 8. I meet a women like that today. but I guess if they are growing slowly that's better than not at all.


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