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ET today grade 5AA

Hey all x

Jus had my egg transfer and I had a lovely blastocyst graded 5aa which as far as I'm aware is the best (is it) it had also just stared to hatch! They hav sed I also hav one to freeze maybie a couple more but try gonna keep an eye on them and tell me Tomo X out of the 7 embies in day 3. 4 made it all the way to blastocyst 😃x now it's the dreaded wait x anyone got any hints am tips for me xxxx

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Hi Sunnysarah01,

Goodluck with your 2 week wait - it sounds very promising! Try not to stress to much, laugh & maybe implantation hypnosis will help too (Google it).

If you are not in any pain then from what I've read you can go about your normal business but you may decide to rest & take it easy. All up to you!



Hi sunnysarah! Its fab news , hope and wish you get a successful pregnancy xx 2ww is really hard but try keep yourself busy x engaged in any activity of your choice could help xx

I speak from my experience, after having this dreadful 2ww, twice with failing cycle at the end, I asked myself why did you focused too much on "what's happening inside me", why did I googled each little bit trying to connect myself to pregnancy symptoms? Why I been distracted 80% from whatever I been doing during 2ww? Why I planned life ahead with embie when it didn't care to occur to me in kind of pregnancy?? These are all killing habbits and thoughts for just now after 2ww !! So , well well I determine from now onwards for myself that I am not gonna hurt me in next FET. I wouldn't be repeating any of the above, and ticking each of those habit away from my goal, would leave me with a very very different phase!! Isn't it? Like I would'nt be concentrating on it, whatever will be will be, I would do nonstressed normal routine, like I am going to school each day !! Feeling like those days when you simply don't care, you don't plan, you just live your life each day!!!

May be my thoughts would help you my dear sunnysarah xx big hug and heartfelt best wishes for you to see a successful cycle this one xxx

Love. Xx


Thanku hopeforicsi that's some lovely words x I am trying not to think about every twinge I get or every pain but like u sed it is hard x I keep imagining my life in a few months time with a lovely bump lol x like u sed I it's meant to be it will be 🙏 I am so ready I just hope my body is too xxxx

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How very exciting. All sounds promising, will keep everything crossed for you X


Hi there , I'm Also on my 2ww got my good grade blastocyst transferred on Monday. I did a test and there was a faint line so another today to just confirm the booster is now out my system . Now anything I get on my otd will be gods will :) I am going on holiday on sat morning do hope the wait will go a little faster. Really wishing you the best of luck and any changes please let us know :)


Hi nessieval thanks for ur reply x what test did u do? I've not been told to do any test u till my pregnancy test x r u goin on a plane? I thought bout booking a little holiday for day after test either to celebrate or drown my sorrows lol but am worried if it's positive and I fly I'll be doin damage? X lots of baby dust to us both xxxxx


I just did a tesco test as I was curious to the booster and it's 29.5 hours half theory. It seems to be true :) I won't be testing now till otd which is thurs 7th may . We had a family holiday booked up for San Pedro Costa deal sol so gods timing couldn't have been anyone perfect . I wasn't sure to test or wether to wait as I wouldn't want it spoiling the last few days of it but will wait and see. It's a crazy couple of weeks and I pray you get your positive result .. When is your test date ? Xx


Awww so when shud I do a test and what shud it say? My test date is 9th may x I also had day 5 transfer embryologist sed shud hav comp hatched now and be starting to cling on to lining! God I hope so lol x fingers crossed for us both xxxx


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