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Feeling strange

Hi, I had my first attempt at IVF in July last year, that failed. I had a frozen cycle in November last year, I got pregnant but miscarried early January. Both times my family and friends knew, I was excited going through the process and so were they. I started my second cycle today and have kept it between myself and my partner, nobody else knows this time. I feel quite numb to the situation right now, I'm not excited but I'm not dreading it ether. Has anyone else felt like this? I'm worried I'm going into this with the wrong attitude xx

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I've not been through it yet but numb sounds normal to me- I figure it's our way of protecting ourselves from disappointment- especially when we have experienced disappointment from the same thing before. It doesn't mean this cycle won't be 'the one' though. Maybe focus on the fact you're not dreading it? That sounds very positive to me :)


Hey Jill

I am with you and your decision, no one knows better than is the hurt and pain of this rollacoaster of our journey than us. Even though each story is different the pain remains the same.

My thought process was that they're people

Know the more pressure you feel and the more explanations you have to keep repeating which after a while delays the healing process, so on this journey we have told perhaps two people however they are unsure of when we start as we are keeping the dates closed to us.

Try to be positive, I always say there is a time for us all when things we really want will happen

Good luck lady xxx


Hello. I'm with you on this decision to.

It's ok to feel numb right now. And whatever else you may be feeling. So feel confident you have made the right choice. And just concentrate on you and hubby and this cycle. Me and my hubby are about to start our last ever cycle at the end of this month. So we have told very very few people. We have only told two very close friends who be can trust not to tell anyone else. We have done that because we need someone to talk to. But not to many if it goes wrong.

Take care and good luck lovely. Xx


Hi Jillmooney,

It my second cycle too and we have kept it between me and hubby. On the first cycle we shared it with our parents, but realised afterwards the pressure was too much. We felt it was in everyones best interests not to know this time around. Its confusing time - I feel hopeful, but at the same time, keeping my feet firmly on the ground so its constantly mixed emotions. Even if we get a positive, my hubby and I are still very aware that it might not make it to 8 weeks so its hard.

On the plus side, I was much more relaxed on my second cycle - my body handled it much better and I also took Reiki sessions to help my with the whole process - which it has. I would recommend you do something similar to keep you positive and at peace.

Hope it all works out for you this time around! xxx


We have only told our parents this time around incase it doesn't work there is less ppl to offer sympathy an ask questions feeling excited this time start my buserlin injections 2mora :-)


I felt differently on the 2nd cycle, think I realised how much could go wrong at the various stages from the 1st. So I concentrated on the injections and hospital appointments through it..I didn't feel negative or positive for mist of it, good luck with your cycle xx


I have not started ivf due to start end of month but I have not told anyone at the moment xx


Hi Jill, I think after everything, feeling numb is normal. I agree that it's likeky a way of trying to protect yourself emotionally. It doesn't sound like you're being negative so try not to stress that your attitude is wrong. I wish you all the best for a good outcome. xx


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