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Folic Acid Supplements on 2WW

Hi all, apologies for the petty post! It's my first round of ivf and I am on day 5 of 2ww 3det feeling a lot of cramping :(

I have been taking well woman conception supplement tablets and was wondering should I continue to take these or change to the pregnancy ones which my partner has just bought me? I am unsure if it makes any difference and any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks :)

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I would say at moment you have not 'conceived' yet as still to have positive. If it was a natural cycle you'd be on the conception pills as would also be none the wiser whether you'd been successful, so think same holds for this that you stick to the conception pills for now. Just my view though :) x


Definitely makes a lot of sense. My partner has bought me the pregnancy ones in error. I think I will buy some conception ones tomorrow. Thanks for the advice :)


Hi Gemg13, I'd carry on with the conception ones too.

I'm on day 8 of tww. Had some pinchy sharp pains yesterday that came and went all day which I hope is a good sign but they've gone away today. How are you managing to stay sane? I'm finding it hard to concentrate at work and counting the days but also feel like I don't want to know the outcome! At least I have the hope now, don't want the bubble to burst :-( xx


Hi Vickal,

I am struggling to keep sane lol

I decided to take the time off work due to my job being quite stressful although I will be going back towards the end of the 2ww for a day or so.

My new hobby is making cushions with my new sewing machine, cooking for my partner when he comes home from work and im starting to get sick of daytime tv.

Feeling slightly worried about this cramping as it doesn't seem to be going although I am sure it seems worse as I have too much time to think about things.

I am worried about the outcome and im trying to keep optimistic. Is it your first time at ivf? Xx


I would say to stick with the conception ones. I am also on day 5 of my 2WW but as I had a day 5 blastocyst transfer I test on day 11 (24th) I am getting cramping too, so have to say that I am glad not to be the only one. I can't bring my mind round to the option of a positive result, have a gut feeling our first course is going to be a negative. Not sure if this is a normal feeling! I wish you the very best of luck xxx


Hi kjornsby,

I am glad to hear im not the only one getting the cramping. Fingers crossed for all of us. I feel the same that I don't want to get my hopes up too much. Best of luck to you xx :)


A lot of friends who have been pregnant tell me that cramping is normal and the NHS website lists it as a pregnancy symptom so I wasn’t worried until it went away! I’m a mess! Last night I was in the worst irrational mood and ended up going to bed at 9pm as I was either going to cry or yell at my poor hubby! Worried my moodiness might be PMS. Feeling a bit better today but have a slight heavy feeling/pressure like I’m going to get my period. I think I should stop analysing all my symptoms or I’m going to go crazy!

This is my first round but I had IUI not IVF. We have four chances at IUI and only one IVF so we thought this route would give us the most options although the chances of it working are only 10%. Trying not to get my hopes up and stay relaxed. Easier said than done!

I like the sound of the way you’re spending your time off! I got a sewing machine for Christmas and haven’t used it yet so maybe a project would help keep me sane.

My fingers are crossed for us all xx


Hi Ladies hows everything after the 2ww? Hope everyone is great. The waiting was over. I am on my day7 today and the feelings are all.like yours.


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