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Help !!

Hi guys I was on here a while ago talking about IUI which hopefully will be privately done! 😄 but I'm worried as I am 150mg of sertraline for depression and anxiety and also claiming ESA I'm just wondering if anyone out there can help me out with advice about the mess and the benefits I want to make sure I don't mess up the IUI treatment as this is so important to me! Any help would be much appreciated guys

I'm hoping to start treatment sort of October November time but just want to be prepared and have some sort of a plan in place!

Thanks xx

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I meant to write meds xx


Hi Jolene2601. I’m afraid I can’t comment about the benefits you are receiving, you will need to discuss that with the department that deals with it. Regarding being prescribed sertraline, most consultants would prefer that you were off the drug during infertility treatment. However, you need to get yourself well again, and perhaps by October/November you will be off the drug, or at least be weaned down to a lower dose. Obviously, you need to speak in detail about your treatment with whoever prescribed it for you, to see what he/she rcommends. I do hope all gets sorted for you and a positive decision is made about your forthcoming treatment. Diane


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