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Nerves and thinking the worst :-(

So I was doing a short protocol in October/November with ET looking to be mid November. Unfortunately nothing about it was 'short' and I was injecting for over 3 weeks as I wasn't a quick responder at all. Then at my egg collection my hormone levels were through the roof (very high risk of OHSS) and the clinic decided that a 'freeze all' was the best option and everything was put on hold.

I am currently stimulating in the lead up to FET and have a scan on Friday to check my endometrium is ready for transfer next week but I am panicking! I can't help but think that I won't be ready again, and that I will have to go for more scans every two days. I know that if this happens I will be absolutely gutted because we have had so many delays already (quite a few hiccups along the way - we were referred to our clinic 13 months ago and are still on our first round of ICSI)

Hubby is really supportive, but isn't the best with emotion so if I get upset he is one of those 'pat her on the back and say "there there"' type of guys. Have any of you had a HRT stimulated FET? And if so, could you please let me know what your experience was after your scan? I would just really like to set myself up for worst case scenario.

FYI - My embryos were frozen at blastocyst so no need for them to culture.

Thanks in advance and good luck to all ttc xx

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Hi kjornsby, sorry you are having a stressful time. I haven't had FET but I did have a prolonged short cycle with alternate daily scans for about 3 weeks so I have some idea. On a positive note, you have embryos at blastocyst stage so that's good. I know waiting is difficult but I hope it all works out for you x


Thank you Dee22 xx


Hi kjornsby. Oh dear, I can understand what a worry this for you. However, your doctors are right in what they are doing, as you need to be safe to proceed with FET. Just remember that your little embryos are quite safe while they are stored frozen, so just need to get you sorted before proceeding again. This is not uncommon, unfortuneately, but fingers crossed all will go well from now on. Good luck! Diane


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