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ovulation question

I've been following Tony Weschler's book recommendations and taking temperature every morning and checking cervix mucous and position. and i have a question if anyone body knows can rise in temperature occur a week after ovulation? or ovulate the next day after your period but have your cervix soft and open only a week later? what is the best method to follow when trying natural fertility? thanks so much.

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Hi Rosa, I very loosely use the billings method which is checking cervical mucus and timing intercourse when mucus is stretchy like egg white (sorry, I know it's tmi!). I asked a similar question before and was told not everyone gets this so its by no means full proof. I've also tried the OPKs, kept charts and bought (but never used) a thermometer for temps. I personally found it all a bit stressful and none of it resulted in a BFP!

Both the GP and Consultant recommend having regular intercourse throughout the month. That's not resulted in a BFP either but it's definitely less stressful than trying all these 'methods'!

I'm not sure that answers your question but good luck! x


Hi rosa_rosa. I’m afraid I agree with the second part of Hopeful’s reply to you. I really do believe that if you have had your ovulation checked through your GP/clinic, then just having regular intercourse, every 3 days or more often through the whole month, is just so much less stressful. Sperm will live for at least 4 days in your tubes, providing they (tubes) are OK and will just keeping replacing themselves. Personally, I feel that we spend too much money on prediction kits etc. If your hormones are all OK then you will not ovulate a day after finishing your period. Good luck! Diane


thank you so much for your answers, both.

Diane, I thought sperm can live for 4 days providing the woman has eggwhite for it to live in?

If a woman doesn't have eggwhite or only tiny bit does that mean she didn't ovulate that month? (until about two years ago I used to have a lot of it). I then developed Thyroid deficiency - not sure if this is why the temperature charts show sometimes deep sudden spikes very high or very low (35.70 C or 37.15 C). I do take medication for my thyroid and last test showed it was ok. Prolactin has been high, though within or just about within the accepted range.

I am having my tubes checked hopefully this month...

thank you so much.

Hopeful, I hope you it happens for you very soon.


Hi. Pleasure! The “egg white” enables sperm to swim up to the tubes, and is produced by the cervix. The stuff in your tubes is a different lubrication. I think you will find that your thyroxin is most probably the cause of “spiking”. That is why it is so important to ensure regular check-ups 6-12 monthly for your thyroid function. I assume you realise that you will most probably have to take levothyroxine tablets for life, with the added benefit that you get free prescriptions (not fertility drugs though). Good to hear that your tubes are to be checked soon. That will be another “bit” sorted! Diane


Yes, I understand that, Diane.

I guess without the "eggwhite" to make a nice environment for the sperm ,it can't even get to the tubes , past the cervix? Thank you very much for your advice... I heard that some women have used the whites of a raw egg with some success and also some cough medicine when lack of appropriate cervix mucous?



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