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In need of positive IUI stories please!

Just got back from our consenting appointment with all our drugs, needles etc. We have an injection training session later this month then due to start our first Super Ovulation & IUI treatment next cycle. However I asked what the success rate of this procedure is and was told only 10% :-( Feeling very deflated now, need to hear some positive stories please to make it all seem worthwhile xx

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Hi I have had iui after producing not enough eggs to continue icsi. I don't have a success story but I can tell you after only having it 3 weeks ago it was so much less invasive than my first Ivf failed cycle. It was a lot less painful and a much nicer experience.


Thanks for your reply. That's good to know. I know the chances of success are slim but I'm willing to try it as it seemed less invasive than IVF. I was told that if we opted for IVF or ICSI first and it wasn't successful we wouldn't have the opportunity of then going back to try IUI. I'd rather try this and then fall back on IVF/ICSI if we have to.

Are you on your two week wait now?


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