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Bad girl

Hi just wanted to say hope all of you are doing well and being strong and to send lots of prayers and love to everyone goin thru IVF. Why my post say bad girl . Because i am .. :) we started our journey two years ago and first appointment was in april this year .. before my partner had his PESA done ( procedure to get his sperms as he had vasectomy years ago and reversal failed) we both stoped drinking alcohol he stoped smoking last december and still no smoking stoped caffeine coffee and tea and i was looking after him ..makin lots of fruit salads .. nuts .. veg and tried our best to get the best result for him .. and lucky us we have enough sperm frozen for 6 cycles of IVF .. but month after i find it really hard to keep goin the healthy eating and bn bad girl eating lots of rubbish junk food .. i am still off caffeine and alcohol just cant resist chocolate and crisps and stuff and think its goin to be worse thru christmas. Anyone have any good tips what they think made their IVF successful should i really stop all junk or doesnt really matter what we eat before and during treatment x x i am on folic acid for 3 month now too xx

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Hi Miroslava, I am impressed! I am definitely not that good! I think it's important to eat healthy regardless of whether you're going through IVF but we all need treats from time to time too! The journey is long and hard but you need to enjoy life while you wait! My moto would be to eat healthy, enjoy the odd treat but avoid anything your clinic specifically tells you to during treatment! Good luck x

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Thanx very much for your reply hopeful1982 think time is biggest problem it takes too long to be good all day everyday .. hope wee sins like chocolate and crisps wont do much harm xx


I really made an effort to cut out the chemicals, additives etc as much as I could.

That doesn't mean avoiding crisps, choc etc but buying the most natural ones you can find.. Green & Blacks chocolate, crisps without nasty additives (Burts are good), and so on.

I also ate only full fat natural dairy, organic where possible. No low fat yoghurts etc which are full of sugar and crap.

You can eat what you like if you are clever about buying the purest versions you can find!


Thanx very much for your advice Katrina13 i started of good and the closer we are to treatment the worse i eat .. will try tho go over christmas wise as well back to lots of veg and healthy snacks x


Sounds to me all your doing is adding pressure that when going through something like this you most deffinately don't need! Relax try and have a healthy diet but please don't beat yourself up if you eat it enjoy it it's more important to be relaxed and happy than stressed out over food! Good luck x


Miroslava I find the worst part of all this is trying to be 'good'. For over a year now I've been taking herbal medicine, tons of vitamins and trying to eat as healthily as I can ( plenty of fruit and veg, wholegrains, nuts, dairy etc) but then I beat myself up for having too much sugar or not being able to afford organic stuff all the time. It just gets out of hand. I'm not a midweek drinker, but normally enjoy social drinking and giving that up for months before treatment and trying to cut it out in general has been torture because its something I enjoy and I feel isolated from people and situations.

On the day I found out our first cycle had failed I went straight out for lunch and ordered a white bread sandwich, a large glass of wine, a double espresso and an ice cream sundae! I just wanted to be normal again and to be honest with all the other health problems I've had since then and depression at the thought of another cycle I have really let things slide. I'm making a strong coffee every morning when I get to work and I've been trollied on a a few nights over the last few weeks like my work night out and best friend's hen do. I've even been smoking OPs on nights out.

OK so I'm a bad girl and I could beat myself up about that some more, but the truth is my AMH is low anyway and no amount of healthy living will change that or the pelvic scarring I have from my surgery. On those nights out I've had recently I've reconnected with friends I haven't seen in months because I was trying to avoid situations with alcohol involved and I felt happy and like myself again, if only briefly. Life is too short and this journey is hard enough without trying to be perfect all the time.

Wishing you and every other TTCer a great xmas and new year whether you choose to stick to your healthy guns throughout it or, like me, admit you are useless at the whole thing sometimes and wonder what the point of it all is xxx


I avoided caffeine as I used to drink loads for all for the fancy diets and avoiding things I don't think it matters.


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