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So I went to my GP on Friday to discuss getting on the NHS list for IVF as I have stage 4 endo with one tube badly damaged. My GP did not have a clue about the process - and said he needed to speak to his more experienced colleagues. He said he'd call me back, but three days later he hadn't - I chased today but he's been too busy to look into it.

Guess my question is is this standard of service normal? What are the next steps? Are there any shortcuts around incompetent GPs? I'm fortunate enough that I could pay for IVF but I don't see why I should do all because my doctor is absolutely useless!

Help! Thank you x

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  • Yes very sorry unfortunately this standard of service does seem normal. If you have a doctor at your surgery that specialises in fertility I would make an appointment with them. Or or is there another local surgery you could try that has a doctor that specialises in IVF? Tasha

  • I would say get a referral to a fertility clinic at your local hospital. if they do IVF there all well and good but if not they will refer to an IVF centre

  • Don't know if it differs for region etc but in order to be referred for IVF, my Dr had to first refer me to my gynae who in turn referred me to IVF. I'd also say you sometimes haven't be a bit pusher than you'd maybe like to be. I read loads that at my age, trying for 6 months with pre-existing conditions known to contribute to infertility was enoughbbefore looking for a referral. Even fighting it took me the full year to get my initial gynae referral, though to be fair I'm lucky enough that the waiting list wasn't long at all.

    Check with your Dr but I'm sure I read that going private if you don't want the excessive waiting times that some areas have doesn't negate you getting IVF on the NHS unless you are successful. I get it might be somewhat annoying and there can be principle involved but then age and other circumstances may be factors worth considering in the decision about whether to wait on NHS timescales or not if the option is open to you?

    Good luck. ps second sentence should read 'have to be a bit pushier', not 'haven't'. Can't edit so would have to delete and rewrite, sorry.

  • Just a quick note on the point about private treatment here - the NICE guidance does say that any previous private IVF treatment counts, so if you pay for private IVF treatment this may well impact on your eligibility for NHS treatment

  • Ah, many thanks for correcting me there. Probably me jumbling all the information I've read, it all gets a bit confusing. Sorry about that.

  • Don't worry - it is all very confusing - and even more confusing because eligibility depends entirely on where you live...

  • Hello, I was referred by my GP to the NHS fertility clinic 8 months ago and have been told it will be another 2 months before I get an initial appointment. Clearly waiting times vary across the country but it never seems to be a quick process.

    Don't give up on the GP. I would make an appointment with one of the more experienced GPs in the practice and in the meantime keep calling them!

    My husband and I are also fortunate enough to be able to pay for private treatment so we have had all of our tests done at a private clinic whilst waiting for our NHS appointment. It was very helpful to speak to the consultant there. Depending on how you feel it might be worth making an initial appointment with a private clinic. You wouldnt need to go ahead with IVF there.

    Good luck x

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