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Scuba diving during 2WW (natural cycle)

Hi there, does anyone have any evidence about whether it's safe to scuba dive during the 2WW when trying to conceive naturally? Hubby and I are having a last hurrah holiday before we start our IVF and he wants to go diving (something we've always enjoyed doing together). I'll be on the 2WW so would rather sit out the diving, but would like some evidence to show hubby that I'm not just being paranoid (and let's face it, he puts up with a lot of that from me). Thanks for any advice.

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Hello. You are defo not being paranoid. You cannot do anything that will risk this. So diving is out. As it can I cause you to possibly over exert yourself. And risk things. As it get your heart rate up etc. when we are on 2ww with Ivf all your allowed to to do is gentle walks, cooking, washing up, but not heavy lifting no swimming etc. I hope this helps somewhat. And I hope of enjoy your holiday. But I would miss the diving. Lots of love. ️Xx

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Thanks Piglet. You're right, it's just not worth the risk. it's good to know what they recommend on the IVF 2WW. Glad you're feeling relaxed, you must have really needed that sleep. All the best xx


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