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7 day post et transfer blastocyst x2


Sorry if this is a little lame after reding everyone else's posts, but I am 7 days in of et transfer from blastocyst stage and it seems now that all my sysptoms have dissppeared... Is this a bad sign. I am losing positive ness by each day. I just get really hot at night which happenes normally when the dreadful,is due, the cramping has subsided and tender boobs, although still better in size :)

Shall I assume this is it for me....has it failed

Very anxious meant to be testing on 20.11



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Hi Tamtam1, i think it is too early to assume that your cycle has failed only because you don't have symptoms. I didn't have symptoms during my 2 weeks wait which made me kind of worry but i have got my positive and now i am 6 weeks and 5 days and apart from painful breast there are no any symptoms so do not worry about it. As far as you do not bleed there is high chance for positive result dont lose hope, i hope everything goes well for you. Take care plenty of rest and liquids xxx


Thanks for the message, I am trying to stay positive and will take ur advice.

Good luck and congrats xx


Hi Tam, my personal mantra is 'symptoms mean nothing' (and that extends to no symptoms too). We all tie ourselves in knots looking for symptoms, and get upset when there aren't any (last week I was upset at 10am because I had no tummy ache, then upset at 11am because I had a tummy ache). We are so cruel to ourselves by constantly watching. I am no expert, but I truly believe that your lack of symptoms has no bearing at all on whether your journey has been successful. I really hope it is successful for you.

I did read a post last week from a lady who said she had 2 rounds of IVF with exactly the same symptoms each time, while one was successful and one wasn't.

Please please try to relax (and this is very much the pot calling the kettle black :-)).

Sending you my sincerest wishes for a positive pregnancy.

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Hi seeking peace

That actually bought a tear to my eye as I am totally at that point...damed if you do damed if you don't...

This helps

Thank you much xxx


Hello tamtam. I echo what everyone else has said. I had loads of symptoms when all mine failed. But on this one which was successful. I had none at all. So it may not mean anything. All you can do is keep calm and stay relaxed. Lots of love. X



Thank you.... Just not sure what to expect.... So hard to stay positive, earlier I had nothing now back is the dull ache and back pain almost like when the time I due.

Guess all I can do is have faith at what will be will be.

Thank you all



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