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We are moving ahead

Hello just a wee upgrade I had nurse on phone today saying my blood results should be here next week so she will phone me back to book consent visit and also some other test to do coz lab forgot to do it .. but it only takes 4 days for that one to come back .. I got appointment with GP next week for hepatitis and other blood tests we had done but they expired .. After that it will be just waiting for egg recipient and get Xmas done and dusted and hopefully no longer that end of January .. so good feeling just to get phone call to know we are moving ahead xx

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I'm glad things are moving forward for you Miroslava. Good luck!


I'm glad things are moving forward for you Miroslava. Good luck!


Thank you X only feeling better when something is happening xx


That's great news hunni :)

It's great to feel you're making progress and can see a way forward :)

We are just waiting one of my hubby's tests to be done.. He had all the HIV etc but the lab forgot to tests for hepatitis b antigen.. Luckily they store frozen blood samples so they can use that to do the test hopefully it won't take so long :) then like you we're be waiting for recepicent too..it's exciting isn't it chick?



So we will be probably starting same time .. seems to be quite lots of mistakes tho .. how can they forget to test for something .. think my was gonorrhoea they forgot to test.. . Think we picked the best clinic in Glasgow so u expect good but everybody makes mistakes x will keep posted when we will have paperwork done .. Some other girl here said she got her recepient straight away xx with her first period xx


Hi Hun..

It wasn't my clinic who made the mistake it was our doctor surgery.. We were saving the pennies coz it was free there and hubby didn't require the day off work having it done there :) Hopefully it won't take with testing coz I contacted the lab directly and it was tested Tuesday.. Gonna phone 2morro to see if the result is back.. Will def keep you posted :)

It is bad mistakes that can cost time delays happen..so keen to get started :) Missed it this month periods here.. I hope it don't too long to find a recepicent :) I think there's shortage of egg donors so we might be lucky Hun ;)

I hope your result comes back soon.. I think most of em take a couple of days :) We will get there :) I think ivf clinics shut down over Xmas so wouldn't be in full flow ivf treatment plus u wouldn't wanna being doing that then..

Time wise it is very likely we could be stating ivf at the same time.. Be lovely to have someone to share this with other than hubby :) X


Definitely x my partner is patient with me and listens but 50 percent of stuff he has no idea whats goin on :) and what I am talkin about . For example when my Ahm levels came back and I said its 60 where it should be 30 he was so excited but when I explained u can over stimulate and it can be seriously dangerous he was shocked ... now we can just kinda forget about all and get nice xmas organized and then start fresh with new year xx so close now tho x


Hi Hun

Only just realized you replyed so sorry for late reply..

Christmas really busy time of the year..Really wouldn't wanna be doing this scan etc then..I don't think I'd have the time.. lol I did most of the Christmas present shopping yesterday with my hubby..and totally forgot to call the doctors to check if his result was in whoops!! Will phone next week and I hope they get it right this time :) will def update when I receive results :)

When's your appointment at the doctors? I hope you get your results quickly and you're be good to go early next year. ;) Have you got the other result back from your clinic? The one they forgot to do..

I know wot exactly wot you mean I do the same with my hubby..have to explain it.. And I'm the one filling the paperwork making the appointments to get things going..! But we will get there ;) I just hate this waiting around..

I see you spoke of concern of your amh results .. If that happened to you would then freeze your embroyos? Then have a frozen transfer when you're body has recovered from it?

I have the opposite problem with my amh..it is very low for my age..it's only 5.37 and should be 10 to 15..coz my follicle count was deemed acceptable they accepted me..lucky hey!!! Happily they also discovered I had an under active thyroid thyroid and have given me thyroxine which I'm gonna take throughout my ivf treatment and maybe pregnancy too.. I've had a few delays with the findings but at least it gives us a better chance of the ivf working.. It's a good thing..

Be really lovely talking to you whilst we both go through ivf :) can support each other through if :)

Let me know when you receive your results..very exciting..!



Hi jess1981.. thanx for your reply. i had really bad day today .. very close to periods and really killing mood .. i cant imagine myself on all that medication when i am like this just because my period is to come .. i got my wee paper here with me so write stuff right .. i didnt even know that some of us have to wait couple months and cant have embryo transfer straight after egg collection just read here and then u noticed that ... my doctor never said nothing like that to me ... only said i will be doing whats called antagonist protocol.. when your amh is over 21 .. nurse said she will give me call next week .. will do consent appointment and that wee blood test that should be back in 4 days ( one they forgot ) .. thats what she said anyway .. ..next step drugs ordered starting with drug called Norethisterone then Metformin which will go thru whole treatment ..then stop Norethisterone and start FSH injections on day 4 start Cetrotide injections .. then scan and blood test on day 8 then BUSERELIN.. OR TRIGGER .. 36 TO 38 HOURS egg retrieval.. this sounds so complicated .. i have bn studying nursing but all this to me is like another world.. saying we movin but when i look at this list still feel like we didnt even start yet ........ jess do u have an idea .. see when u go egg sharing ..do you hv to pay for your treatment then u get money back or what way that works .... if i read it good you only pay for your appointments . blood test and stuff but your actual treatment and drugs are free .. you only pay for some admin fees .. no idea .. good to hear you forgot about all this for while and done your xmas shopping .. great to speak to someone who is still waiting most girls here are like .. 2ww .. or 6 weeks pregnant and all that too far away infront of me .... have a nice weekend and hopefully speak later xx :)


Aww sweetie..I hate it when my period is coming.. You feel it happening..and you desperately do not want to beleive again it's not happened.. It's so incredibly hard.. The not knowing each month is the part I find the hardest.. Oddly when my period arrives although I'm really upset to see it's ugly unwanted face..I accept it.. It's better that I know it's here.. The worst is the build up.. I don't know about you but I get this spotting a few days prior af and that's when I know the period is arriving.. Once it's arrived I give myself 24 hours to feel all the emotions.. Sadness.. Disappointment.. Anger.. Fear of it never happening.. The next day I pick myself up and start over.. Over 3 years later I still can't handle my period arriving.. I think that's normal when in this situation.. I got mine last week.. With taking thyroxine I was really hopeful I could conceive..lol !! My gp explained just how hard it can be to conceive.. So many things can get in the way..it is a miracld it ever happens!! I know there no words anyone can say to you right Now to make the pain go away.. I know that one.. Nothing my hubby says to me at that time will make me feel any better.. All I can say I hope you are.. But if you're not you are getting bloody close to ivf.. Hang in there chick.. It is one step closer to having your baby :) it's such a long journey but you have come a long way.. You are very brave.. This is not for the faint hearted :) You will get through it and I'm sure your ivf will work :) And it'll be worth it :) It's so hard to keep going sometimes.. But you're nearly there :)

Very complicated process... Did your clinic give you a load of paperwork..with a treatment step by step guide? Nothing's gone to my plan!! First I discovered I have a really small left ovary..then discovered I had really low amh..then got told hubby's sperm had slightly raised abnormal which means we will most likely need Icsi..that'll cost us 770..then I discovered I had underactive thyroid which I was prescribed thyroxine..after taking it for 3 weeks and it is now 1.56..after that good news hubby was told to have the blood tests ..which I'm still waiting for one!! We will get there.. I have to pay for my thyroxine prescription which is cheap luckily :) I will continue on that throughout my ivf..as high tsh can effect embryo implantation..

I'm not sure about the over stimulating. . I'm sure your clinic will know wot is the best forward for you both.. It's hard trusting the medical profession with something as important as conceiving a child.. Deep breath u guess they do no wot they're doing.. ;)

I'm only paying 75 possibly 770 Icsi if hubby's sperm is the same..then my thyroxine which is like 5 for two months worth ;) how about you?

Yes I know wot you mean.. I'm not in any of those stages..eagerly awaiting to get started lol!! None of friends have had probs having a baby sometimes we do feel isolated..I joined here to get support..help others. .. And make new friends..

I'm so happy I found someone at the same stage as me.. God knows how much drugs I'll be on. .. With my liw amh..prob the max..my poor hubby!! Will he survive???!! Maybe??!! If he's lucky lol!!

Anytime it's too much or you need a chat feel free to Pm me..

Hope you feel vetted soon..sending lots of hugs your way



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