What to do and not to do after embryo transfer?

I had my transfer yesterday with 2 grade B embryos so I was wondering during those 2ww is there anything I need to do or not to do in particular. Can you please share what did you do in your 2ww to enhance implantation and something which according to you has made a difference and helped you to achieved BFP. xxx

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  • hi I had a couple of days off - I think the transfer fell on the weds.. I think just went back to work and carried on as normal. I also had acupuncture before and after transfer but whether that helped or not. I am now 10 weeks. Good luck

  • Hi nellynel, thank you for your response to my question and congratulation for your positive result which is really fantastic because it gives us the hope we need. With regards to the acupuncture, did you have a general acupuncture or a special fertility acupuncture as I am considering this during my 2ww, although you are right that we cannot know if this helps or not but even if this helps to increase the change of 1% for BFP it worth to try it. I wish you good luck with your pregnancy and i hope everything goes well for you xxx

  • Hi there, after this transfer I just relaxed when I got home and took my dogs on a couple of short walks so as to keep the circulation moving. I also went back to work the next day but had an easy couple of days doing the paperwork. I think it helped an took my mind off worrying too much! I also had a small carton of pineapple juice everyday with my breakfast which I'm still doing (I heard on other people's posts that it's good for implantation) well it's one of my five a day! Anyway just try to take your mind off worrying, easier said than done and my fingers are crossed it all works out for you. I'm 5 weeks 3 days pregnant xx

  • Hi I had acupuncture for IVF and it really helped me! I highly recommend it. I also had a relaxation cd by Helen McPhereson for IVF which helped to calm me! I had my midwife appointment yesterday & am 10 weeks pregnant! Good luck xx

  • Hi in what way did the acupuncture help you? I had it for three months for my last IVF round, and just found it horrible and stressful, and noticed no benefit.

  • Hi everyone,

    I find all your posts very helpful as well. I just got my letter yesterday saying that we reached the top of the waiting list for IVF. First appointment at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary is on 18/11/ and the next one where we discuss the protocol is 10/12. It asks in the letter if one of us had Acupuncture in the last 12 months and if we did then we need to discuss this with the nurse and get checked for HIV, Hepatitis B & C??? I really would like to go for Acupuncture to help me relax and as a lot of studies show that it increases the IVF success rate by up to 65% !! (German studies). What are your thoughts on this? Did you ladies also have to fill out a paper about Acupuncture before you started your IVF?? xx

  • Hi AS-32 congratulation for your positive result that is wonderful news. If you dont mind can you tell me in the 2ww how often did you go for acupuncture and is there special acupuncture which helps implantation. I am sorry for the silly questions but it is new to me so I would like to be sure for what I am looking for. xxx

  • Hi babylonia

    I'm on my 2ww now. Test day Monday! It is a long two weeks for sure. But you do really need to try and stay positive and busy! I've had a few days where I haven't been working and it's been really hard on those days, just too much time to think and symptom spot !

    Don't worry about the twinges and period like aches you may get. All of us on the 2ww have had them and it's normal. It is a worry when you start feeling them but yr body has been through a lot and is hopefully changing too so it will feel different

    I've heard pineapple and raspberries are good too. As they are meant to increase blood flow. Don't overdo it with too much lifting, exercise etc but do keep yr circulation going. Try to avoid or cut out caffeine too. Although I'm still having two nice mugs in the morning. Then De caf the rest of the day.

    I've been bit worried this week because I keep thinking I should be feeling MORE different! I haven't been feeling sick but then it is really early days for that I suppose. I do feel a little dizzy in the mornings though. I had stabs etc in the first week but not now I'm into my second week. It's sooo hard but try not to analyse every little thing. I did for the few first days and it started driving me mad. So now I just take it day by day and accept any feeling as something that is just part of the process. It's taken me over two years to get to this stage so I'm very much hoping it will work!

    Take care. Good luck and the ladies on here have brilliant advice so ask anything you need too


  • Hi Hope23 thank you for your supportive msg, it really describe exactly my situation. Although i am on my day 4 of my trasfer i dont experience any symptoms except feeling dizzy in the morning, as well as i have noticed after egg collection i am loosing weight which i am not sure it is normal or may be its due to the stress which is part of the fertility treatment. I have taken one week off from work as this was advised by my doctor, also i go every other day for monitoring of my blood, weight and measurement of my tommy. I really hope for positive result. I wish you best of luck with you treatment as well xxx

  • hi I had 2 sessions of accupunture before the collection/transfer. then I had one the day before transfer and one the day after. My lady didn't just do fertility but she altered where she put the needles each time depending on where we were in the cycle. I didn't really find it that relaxing to be honest, in fact some of it I found painful. I stuck with it more because I had it with my GP for pain a few years ago and I found that helped so I thought it was worth a try.

  • Hi I spoke to the acupuncturist at the clinic & she is very experienced with IVF women. She was concentrating on blood flow to the uterus, it didn't hurt me & as u are left to relax for an hour it was chilled, they put music on etc (like when u have a massage). It was at a alternative therapy clinic (they also do yoga, a hypnotherapy class for fertility). I went once a week during the whole ivf process & also twice on the day of transfer (before & right after). Studies have shown that there is an increased chance in the ivf being successful, but I'm not saying that it is a definite of course. It isn't right for everyone, but worked for me & I've just started again to help me keep calm & less anxious before the 12 week scan. Good luck x

  • Hi AS - 32 thank you for the information. If you dont mind can you tell me in which part of UK is this as i am based in North East and i have see online 2 acupuncturist in my area who offer fertility acupuncture but i am not sure how good they are.

  • Hi Babylonia, do you mind sharing the names of those accupuncturists - I'm NE based too? Did you find anything else about them?

  • Hi seekingpeace, i hope you are doing well, the one which i found near my place and are specialising in fertility acupuncture are Jayne Routledge and Sabine Acupuncture you can Google them both are based in stockton on tees, i personally did not used their services so I dont know how good they are. Best of luck

  • Thanks Babylonia - I also found a lady based in Newcastle who focuses on fertility (Nicola Scholes). I left her a voicemail yesterday and no reply...which I tend to take as not a good sign of professionalism...Good luck with your journey xx

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