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Post IUI-bleeding (ruptured cyst/period/implantation bleeding)?

Hi I had a day of spotting! Then a day of heavy bleeding with bad cramping! The next day was watery bleeding with severe abdomenal stabbing pain for about 2 hrs straight! Then no cramping the rest of that day and the next 2 days but still watery bleeding! Did my cyst rupture or did I start my period! I always have normal periods and this is not even close to a normal period for me! I should also mention on Sept 19, 2014 I had an IUI! Went to ther ER and they did nothing! Hoping for answers! Thanks!

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Hi VV8663. Sorry to hear of all of this worrying time and pain you have been suffering. I expect that by now you have done a pregnancy test as you are now 17 days post insemination. It could be that an ovarian cyst, if you had one could has burst, but I feel you would have had huge pain from this and usually the “burst” leaks into the pelvic area. If your pregnancy test is positive, then get it confirmed either by your clinic or GP, with a blood test. If the test should be negative (I hope not), then perhaps a scan would reveal what is going on? Hope all is soon sorted out for you. Diane


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