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30 eggs collected this morning

So I've just had egg retrieval and they got 30 eggs! Sounds great but it's above the limit so apparently I may not be allowed any out back in because Of hyper stimulation or something? Am absolutely gutted they hav sed they may hav to freeze them all and out back in in a couple of months :( gonna see how I get on over weekend and if ivaries go down or something?

Anyone else had this problem x

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Hi Sunnysarah01. Sorry to hear that has happened. Sadly, it often does, especially with women who have polycystic ovaries. You must take the positive from this. Hopefully, many of the eggs will fertilise, and then the resulting embryos can be stored frozen until your ovaries and body have settled down again. Yes, it is a shame you may not be allowed a transfer now, but it won’t be too long before you do have a transfer done. Hope all soon works out well for you, and make sure you drink plenty of water. Diane


Thanks Diane

I don't have polysysitc ovaries tho :/ I hav unexplained infertility x

They are still goin ahead with fertilisation and possible transfer on Monday for me x all depends in how my bloods come back Tomo and if I have any symptoms fingers crossed I don't and hope bloods comeback okay x I really wasn't a fresh embryo put back in rather than a frozen x I was hoping for lots of eggs but 30 is a bit extreme :(


Hi. Fingers crossed for you having a fresh transfer, but still keep drinking plenty of water to help guard against over stimulation. Remember that little frosties are good too! I have lots of women who have gone on to have healthy live births following FET. Diane


Wow 30 is amazing. I hope all works out for you and you get a fresh transfer, don't give up if you got to have them frozen, they will be making sure everything is perfect to give you the best possible chance. My fresh cycle didn't work and I had slightly over stimulated, at the time of transfer I had a good bit of pain and remembered thinking "surely this cant be good" I felt negative from the offset. I'm a natural born worryer tho. Do drink lots of water like Diane said, it does really help. I have just had a frozen transfer yesterday, had two 3day embryos transferred. Both thawed out perfect. I am feeling so much more positive as not in any discomfort and can go about my day as normal. I wish you the best of luck for a fresh transfer xxx


Hey Mikayla

Thank for ur message and sorry to hear ur fresh transfer didn't work out for u but fingers tossed for ur frozen transfer x yeah 30 eggs my ovaries are definitely feeling it now tho just don't my first crinone gel thing and went for a 15min walk and could feel the pressure it felt like on my ovaries lol x I am trying to feel as positive as I can but at times I do think negative but that's just normal xxx


Sorry to hear that, hope you feel ok & you are resting. Good luck x


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