Have been injecting down regs for 2 weeks now and last night I notice all these little bumps on my belly and tonight they feel worse and more risen!

I'm guessing this is where I have injected every evening but is this normal to get these red spot looking bumps?

I called the NHS 111 as my IVF clinic is closed and they recomended I got to hospital tonight to be checked?

Anyone else who's been injecting had this?

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  • Hi yeah I had this 100% normal so please stop worrying. It's just where you have been injecting and after you stop they will disappear. Mine were sometimes itchy as well similar to a heat rash but again didn't cause me any problems and went just as quickly as they appeared. Good luck with your cycle x

  • Awww thanku so much for that x thought it was just me and was starting to worry I was allergic to something x

    How did u get on with ur cycle did u get a BFP?

  • No BFN for me, but due to start 2nd cycle next month so fingers crossed. At least I know what to expect this time bumps and all. I think it's just a slight reaction to the liquid or the hormone so not everyone gets it, but clears up and doesn't cause any problems. The down regging is the boring bit gets more exciting once you start to stim as will go really quickly and before you know it you will be on the 2WW. So fingers crossed for both of us x

  • Oh I'm sorry to hear that u got a BFN :( yh I started my gonal f tonight on 125 but still injecting down regs aswell at 200 x r u gonna do anything different this cycle x can u give me any tips lol x

    Defo good luck to us both and every other woman on here xxx

  • Yes they are putting me on a different protocol this time, short protocol, also on some different drugs in case my body is rejecting the embryo. Who knows if it will work but I'm up for anything if it gives me a change lol. As for tips. Try not to worry ( easier said then done) also to treat each stage as a hurdle to get past. So EC to fertilisation to ET then the 2WW. And the hardest bit is to stay away from Dr google to symptom spot during the 2WW as it is pointless and you will go crazy. It's been six months since my last cycle, was biting at the bit to start again but after a few weeks calmed down so now mentally prepared for 2nd cycle. Roll on the 2ww x

  • Awwwww bless ya x yh if this fails I hav to wait another 6 months too :( if u don't mind me asking what is the reason for ur infertility mine is unexplained xxx

  • My partner has a low sperm count , I assumed it was down to me as was 37 when we first started but my results were actually really good for my age. That was 3 years ago so just turned 40. My results are still ok for my age and partners sperm still low but We had ICSI so his count isn't a problem and we did actually get a BFP but didn't last longer then 3 days!! So the s/protocol is meant to be better for older women so I'm a little bit more optimistic, well you have to be or why bother. Unexplained must do your head in but at least it means your chances with IVF must be good.

  • Let's hope so Hun x me and hubby are both 27 and healthy I think x my BMI is borderline 30 tho :/ x I hav been told I have endometriosis but never had surgery to check as all tubes came up fine and scans show nothing x my uterus tips backwards but that's it x I hav no idea why I'm not getting pregnant and yh it is so frustrating :( x I soooo hope we both get our BFP x

  • Hi... Yes it's normal. The first night my belly was really itchy but after a couple of days it stopped. Any bumps or bruises I had have completely disappeared now...

    Keep smiling :-)

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