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Acupuncture Highly Recommended

To all of you who may be questioning acupuncture, I would definitely recommend this. I am due to have egg collection Sunday so am unsure if this works but I have found the basic ways of the mind so useful. I have needles and electronic waves but the main thing is to visualise (day dream). I lay there for approx 30 mins with the needles in me thinking of healthy eggs, healthy tubes, good lining of the womb etc. If I struggle with that, I was told to visualise the end result and think positive happy thoughts. For me the end result is me and my baby stood by our front door to great my husband home from work. I imagine him scooping her/ him up and smothering him/ her with cuddles and kisses. When I feel I am about to stress worry or cry, I take my mind to that thought and it helps.

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Thats fantastic. I've enjoyed my acupuncture too. My therapist is lovely. We've been for egg collection today and got 6 eggs. Not sure of the quality yet. I wasn't nervous at all and put that down to like you say visualising things. I imagined my little embryos were like the rubena berries (from the advert) jumping up and down in their folicles shouting let me out lol. I'm now thinking about my lining as a nice soft and warm bed for our embryos. Good luck with your cycle.


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