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Still sick from ivf three months on totally fed up


I started ivf in march everything went brilliant until they removed my eggs , after this I started to feel bloated sore and had high temperature spikes I phoned the clinic and was told it's normal I then had two embryos transferred bk in ,in April I was that sick after phoning my clinic repeatedly telling them I wasn't well they agreed to see me on arriving at the hospital I was immediately admitted when they saw me and treated with Iv antibiotics for three days then sent home diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease due to ivf treatment one week later things had not improved so went bk to hospital again this time resulting in surgery four hours on the operating table ,they discovered the infection had spread in my ovaries and tubes I'm now home after major sugery to be told that because of this condition I probably won't be able to have any more tries with ivf due to pelvic inflammatory disease has anyone else experienced this ? Gutted and fed up

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I am soo sorry to hear of your situation. May I ask how IVF caused your PID, I have never head of this happen to any one up till now.

Threw infection with them removing eggs

So sorry dear,I've heard of PID after egg collection but don't know about the treatment. I pray someone with a good suggestion and a way out will ans you soon. All the same we pray fir your divine healing.

I had problems after my first attempt as well. I wasn't given precautionary antibiotics as I was allergic to the standard one. They told me when I had the eggs put back in, they'd give me something else. The eggs didn't fertilise, so was cancelled. Asked about antibiotic, told I didn't need them. Apparently they nicked my bowel during egg collection. I got a really bad infection, I lied in the end to get into the clinic by saying we wanted to go private. I got seen that day... My best ovary and it's tube was infected along with a lot of other things. It took 4-5 months to fully recover. I didn't need an operation like you. But my best ovary hasn't produced a viable egg since. And that tube isn't completely open anymore. That was my one and only NHS attempt. Our area only allows 1 funded. All subsequent have been private and at a less busy clinic. I had a lot of tests after, to make sure nothing was left that could affect my womb, developing foetus, etc. am not sure exactly what the infection was, but it was 2 different things, one being multidrug resistant. Good luck, and FEEL BETTER!

Oh poor you. Hugs

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