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Lost in fertility treatments

It's me who has a child from a previous relationship.My husband has an adverage sperm count with no real concerns just advised to take omega 3 n diet sensible. I have been told i ovulate on clomid for a year and have finally regulated period cycles to 40days, we have been trying for 2 years + and its frustrating because we don't have a valid reason for not conceiving. During scans i always get told i have healthy right ovary and good folicles, however the left ovary is yet to be scanned as always unable to find it, i am very worried about this but the nurses seem to brush it off n focus on right. In 3 weeks i am due for a hsg tubal xray then i have been informed that we are no longer allowed treatment.

I was very upset by my consultant atthe hospital who told me Nice regulations do not state treatment is not available on nhs but as i live in south west england they dont do it as its expensive.

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I know how u feel Hun I've been trying for a baby for over 2 years and like u I've got a child from a previous relationship . We too have been put in the unexplained infertility category it's rubbish and it doesn't make sense y I'm failing to conceive:( have you considered ivf ? I know it's big decision but it is thought to be the most effective method treatment for unexplained. Funding on nhs depends on your area very much a post code lottery.Cos we can't funding (we live in Dorset)I'm looking into donating half my eggs to another women and get my ivf for free if I'm accepted. :)A good option if u can't get funded and are under 35. Good luck with everything let me know get on hope it all goes well :) X x x


if you go to a care clinic its under 36 i did egg share at 35 and am 7 weeks pregnant good luck ladies xxxx


Thanks. Congratulations ytsrik1978 that's brilliant news I am so happy for you :D did it take long from first appointment to starting treatment? X x x


Hi there I know exactly how you feel. I've been though all the fertility tests like wise my husband and have been told my fertility is unexplained. As my husband has a son from a previous relationship (who he doesn't see) we are not entitled to funding for IVF. I now feel pushed aside and dumped like a piece of rubbish and have basically been told I'm on my own now. IVF is so expensive privately but it's our only option now. We have our first appointment soon with a fertility specialist I found whilst browsing the internet which offers competitive IVF treatments so fingers crossed when we get there they will help our dreams come true. Hope everything works out for you to Hun. X


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