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I had an ectopic pregnancy 8months ago. The surgeon removed my right tube n told me I had PID. They also said that they notice my left tube

Was smaller than usual, so they don't whether it's blocked or not. I had a follow up 2months after the surgery. They told me to try for 6months first then see my GP afterwards.

We been trying and still nothing.

I'm going to try for another month, if not, I will see my GP.

The sad things is the due date for the baby I loss is coming up in 2weeks time. I feel so sad.

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Hi I am sorry to hear your story, I too suffered an eptopic pregnancy years ago and lost my right tube, ive just had one failed IVF and im about to have my remaining tube removed due to fluid build up in it. If you are referred for IVF please get your other tube checked for fluid as this can effect IVF outcome but hopefully you wont need the IVF. X


I'm going through a miscarriage at the moment and am finding these videos are so helpful:



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