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Hospital journey


Well it is 9 weeks today I have my Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy Its been along wait so far, been waiting since the 30th January so I am half way there now :) I only have tubal factor infertility and my remaining tube is being removed because of fluid in it before I get back on the IVF route, I will be 30 years old at end of May and my Laparoscopy is booked in for the 20 June, I guess I am just feeling fed up of waiting but I cant keep this swollen fallopian tube while having IVF, its too risky. My Embryos are sitting in the freezer waiting bless them :) We have 7 of them and I just want to have them where they belong, I know all this waiting should be worth it :) Feeling positive again after our first failed fresh IVF cycle back in November so I have had plenty time to grieve.

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I admire your patience so much!! I know you have no choice but to wait, but you seem so calm x

Aww thanks MrsMarsh its been a long wait so far but I think it will start to fly by now :) How you feeling I bet you are exited and nervous about your transfer tomorrow, ive got loads of good vibes for you. Just remember though if the first one dosnt work its not the end of the road for you by far. I think you will get loads frozen by the sounds of things and I feel really positive for you. xx

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