New to this - referred for IVF 24th march how long wait usually? Also being tested for natural killer cells tomorrow

Hello just joined this site looking for a bit of support really as the wait in between appointments can seem like forever , just want to know ruffly what me and my partner would be looking at waiting before it actually starts to begin? I was reffered 24th march for IVF I also am having a womb biopsy done tomorrow to check for natural killer cells - any advice or your storys would be brilliant many thanks x

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  • I think it depends on where you are in the UK and what your situation is health wise. From the date we were referred to our IVF clinic we only had to wait two weeks before our first seminar appointment (which we had on Monday) and then our first private consultation is this coming Tuesday. So we were lucky... Good luck with it all x

  • Thankyou good luck to you too x

  • NK cell testing is to see if there is a +ve/-ve imbalance in the womb. If there is then they can treat it with medication to help avoid miscarriage. We've had it done, just tried IUI treatment and have just had a positive test. Just waiting now to get passed the crucial 8 week period as we've had 2 miscarriages already. Good luck, take plenty of notes and read any information they provide; keep a diary of the cycles and get as much information as you can. Hope it goes well.

  • Thank you all was fine with the NK Test we are hopefully starting IVF jan or feb very anxious and trying ourselfs still xx

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