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How long are you expected to wait inbetween ivf cycles?

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I've recently had my first round of IVF and I'm absolutely devastated that it failed.

I've not long turned 30, I have PCOS, stage 4 endometriosis and a joined womb and bowel.

I was due to take my pregnancy test tomorrow, but yesterday, AF arrived and it is definitely AF and not implantation bleeding. I will still take the test tomorrow.

Yesterday was a terrible day, I was extremely upset. But today, I've picked myself up and I'm not giving up. I'm lucky to have an incredible husband and wonderful friends and family.

I have 2 rounds in total on the NHS and in total, I had 4 healthy blastocysts, the other 3 are now frozen. The actual transfer whilst funded by the NHS, actually takes place at the Women's Clinic in Harley Street.

My question is, how long are you expected to wait between IVF cycles before you try again? Any advice or experiences would be much appreciated. I'm currently being treated at Croydon Hospital.

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Hi, sorry about your failed attempt it’s nice then you have managed to become positive again rather quickly. The fact you have frozen embryos is brilliant. Clinics usually like you to have a natural period after failed attempt and then try again with ET the following month xxxx

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Ljayne in reply to Faith103

Thanks Faith, I'm sure they mentioned to me 6 months which I fund a long time personally. But this might have been for egg retrieval if the first time wasn't successful. I'm quite happy to wait to the following month xxxx

You can try again straight away if time is critical

In my experience, it was 3 months between failed FET and the next FET (which happily, has been successful). First fresh IVF cycle I had to wait longer afterwards because I became pregnant but then miscarried a few months later. Very best of luck to you!

Hi Ljayne, sorry to hear about it not working first time. It's OK to feel devastated, but if you can try to keep focused on the positives - you have some frozen embryos and you have funding for another try.

I had my BFN at the end of January which was my first transfer. I had a withdrawal bleed once I stopped taking the pessaries, and then I had to wait for one more bleed before starting the meds for my next FET (I'm currently day 5).

It seems to vary between clinics, but make sure you get some clarification when you have your follow up appointment. Did you have a fresh transfer? If so they may suggest waiting a bit longer to let your ovaries settle down.

Hope you get some answers soon xx

Hi, so sorry to hear about your failed cycle. Our first cycle failed Aug 23rd, had withdrawal bleed a few days later, then Sept period, then started 2nd cycle (a FET) in October. We knew as soon as we got the BFN that we wanted to go again as soon as we could. Think most clinics like at least 1 period between cycles and the main thing is being ready mentally and emotionally to go again. In our experience, FETs are so much easier on the body and a lot quicker! (3.5 weeks from 1st medication to OTD!) Good luck x x

I had a succesful FET one month after a failed fresh transfer, good luck xx

It was a 2 month wait for me xx

It all depends on the clinic/country. I did 5 fresh cycles and one frozen literally back to back. As soon as it didn't work or I MC'ed and got my period, it was game on for the next round. I can't say that this was easy physically or emotionally, but it was fast. Currently 27 weeks.

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Congratulations! Thank you for commenting x

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