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My little soldiers are still going strong!

All 14 embryos are still looking great and all but one are now at '8 cell' stage, with very little fragmentation.

We have cancelled today's transfer and are going for blastocyst on Wednesday.

Is it silly that I feel proud of my little embryos?

I'm very glad to have the extra two days recovery time though as I am unbelievably sore from my EC as I overstimulated. I am now on bed rest as per my consultants orders, until Wednesday.

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Hi did they say why you overstimulated?

I'm scared of this as I have pcos x


It just happens sometimes, my doctor says. I think they kept me on stims for a long time as my follicles were all very small, and then the trigger caused them all to go a bit mental!

It's painful but not the end of the world. I just have to bed rest and have protein shakes and paracetamol regularly. The worst thing is the gas to be frank, I am sleeping in the spare room in order to save my husband from being gassed in his sleep! Got to see the funny side though..


Hope you feel better soon, and that everything continues going well with the little embryos!

Have my first follicle scan tomorrow hoping they're going to be showing some good progress.


Good luck for tomorrow - I had 8 embryos on day 2, so like you, took the risk in going to blastocyst - and it absolutely paid off! We still had 6 embryos to choose from on day 5, had 2 put back and I'm now 25 weeks pregnant with twins!

I hope that you're feeling a bit more comfortable now after some rest and that tomorrow, you have some lovely blastocysts and you're well enough for the transfer. Let us know how it goes


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I have spent literally the entire day in bed today and feel a bit better for it. I am still incredibly sore though and dreading the transfer from a pain point of view. It hurts when I wipe after a wee so god knows how the catheter is going to feel, everything in my pelvis is so so sore! Just hope it is all worth it, I feel like my poor body has been put through the mill!


I was so bloated it was sore after retrieval but the transfer wasn't the slightest bit uncomfortable, its just like a smear you dont notice the catheter and your to excited seeing the ultrasound and little ones going into rest they could b doing anything down there n you wouldn't care. just take it easy after transfer n think happy positive thoughts. Its so worth it seeing that little flash onscreen, sending you happy thoughts maccerpops x


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